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De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani Studio Legale | European Union | 29 Aug 2023

Sovvenzioni estere nell’Unione Europea. Il nuovo Regolamento di esecuzione dà il via all’implementazione del FSR

In data 12 luglio 2023 è stato pubblicato il Regolamento di esecuzione (UE) 2023/1441, disciplinante le modalità applicative e le procedure di…
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Lexology PRO | European Union, Germany, USA | 7 Sep 2022

Extension of Schrems II to EU subsidiaries overturned

A German court has overturned a previous decision on the compliance with the GDPR of EU subsidiaries of US companies, finding that data protection concerns around the CLOUD Act are not enough to prevent a business entering into a contract with a US entity.
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SS Rana & Co | India | 14 Jul 2022

Bank Subsidiaries using Parent Brand Name/Logos comes under scanner for levy of GST- India

With concerns rising over the recent GST slab rates revision, set to come into effect from July 18, thereby yet again increasing prices on several…
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CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo | Spain | 4 Jul 2022

Branches do not constitute independent legal entity

In a recent resolution, the General Directorate of Legal Affairs confirmed that setting up a branch does not create a separate legal entity. The resolution confirmed a decision made by a commercial registrar, which refused to register the address change of a branch of a German company in Spain, as the branch had decided on this during its general meeting. The resolution indicates that a......
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Herrington Carmichael LLP | United Kingdom | 11 Feb 2022

NSIA: impact on intra-group reorganisations

A new law means that you might need to tell the government about acquisitions and investments which could threaten the UK’s national security. The…
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Lexology PRO | Canada, European Union, Global, etc. | 2 Nov 2021

Corporate liability: how to limit downward exposure

Tips for companies on how to manage liability for the misconduct of a parent or group entity, according to recent guidance, case law and regulatory updates.
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Lexology PRO | European Union, Germany | 6 Oct 2021

Subsidiaries liable for damages caused by cartelist parents, EU court says

Cartel victims can seek damages from the subsidiaries of companies found to have infringed EU competition rules, the European Court of Justice has ruled.
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Lexology PRO | European Union | 15 Apr 2021

Antitrust liability should extend “downwards”, advocate general says

Subsidiaries may be held liable for the anticompetitive conduct of their parent companies, an EU advocate general has said in an opinion considering whether Mercedes Benz Trucks España should pay damages for Daimler’s role in the EU trucks cartel.
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Michael Best & Friedrich LLP | Japan | 14 Apr 2021

How to Establish a Subsidiary in Japan

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) published a YouTube Video explaining “Steps to Establish a Subsidiary in Japan.” It requires more…
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Loyens & Loeff | Netherlands | 1 Feb 2021

Internationale verantwoordelijkheid van moedermaatschappijen: Shell en de olielekkages in Nigeria

Het Nederlandse Gerechtshof in Den Haag heeft bepaald dat de Nigeriaanse dochteronderneming van Royal Dutch Shell verantwoordelijk is voor het lekken…
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