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Stewarts LLP | United Kingdom | 17 Mar 2021

Divorce/dissolution: A guide to out of court settlements (finances)

There are now a number of alternatives to the traditional court process, which are increasingly attractive to those who wish to avoid what can often…

Jingtian & Gongcheng | China | 28 Sep 2020



Hogan Lovells | Hong Kong | 31 Aug 2020

Hong Kong's new limited partnership fund regime comes into operation today

Following on from our alert on 28 August 2020, today sees the coming into force of the Limited Partnership Fund Ordinance (Cap. 637) (LPFO), heralding…

Ogier | Guernsey | 16 Jul 2018

Guernsey Companies Law - voluntary winding up of companies

The Companies Law came into full force on 1 July 2008 and contains provisions in relation to the nature, type, establishment and conduct of Guernsey…

Mason Hayes & Curran LLP | Ireland | 20 Mar 2017

Corporate Update: New Domestic Merger Process a Success

A new procedure for the merger of Irish companies was introduced by the Companies Act 2014. Over 60 mergers have been completed and over 100…

Thompson Coburn LLP | USA | 16 Mar 2017

How to protect your family-owned business from your child’s spouse

For most people, a child’s wedding is one of those great life moments that is filled with months of planning and excitement. However, for people who…

Loeb Smith Attorneys | Cayman Islands | 8 Mar 2017

Voluntary liquidation or Strike-off?

There are two principal routes to voluntarily dissolving a Cayman Islands company after the conclusion of its operations...

Hoon Lee Law PLLC | USA | 17 Jan 2017

Corporate Dissolutions and Unwinding/Rescission Transactions

Like most things, there is a time when a corporation must come to an end. This may be because a business is sold or discontinued, or the corporation…

Fox Rothschild LLP | USA | 2 Jan 2017

Don’t be a jerk - And don’t ask me to be one for you.

Don’t be a Jerk. Your dissolution/custody/post-judgment matter has enough difficult substantive issues involved without having to deal with…

Fox Rothschild LLP | USA | 28 Dec 2016

Superior Court: Civil unions can be dissolved in family courts

In what some may construe as an effort by the Pennsylvania Superior Court to salvage something positive out of 2016, an Opinion was issued today which…
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