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Moores | Australia | 18 Feb 2020

“This is off the record, right?” The perils of providing an employee reference

A recent survey found that 31 January is the most popular day for employees to quit their jobs. The New Year is a time for reflection: New Year, new


Corrs Chambers Westgarth | Australia | 5 Dec 2019

M&A and cyber security: key considerations for buyers and sellers

As companies continue to collect and hold more data and personal information than ever before - and use progressively more complicated Technologies


Moores | Australia | 15 Nov 2019

When can you disclose a student’s counselling or pastoral care records?

Suppose a parent calls your office and requests their child’s counselling records or a court order lands on your desk or perhaps, your school


Corrs Chambers Westgarth | Australia | 29 Oct 2019

Key legal issues for medtech startups

Australia’s medtech sector has experienced rapid growth over the last decade, with a recent focus on digital health, connected devices and artificial


Bird & Bird LLP | Australia | 28 Aug 2019

Employment and privacy: can employees be made to divulge personal information?

In the digital world, data is an asset. It can be one of the most important assets an organisation has because it defines each organisation's


DLA Piper | Australia | 15 Aug 2019

The Development of Open Banking in Australia

As part of the initiative to facilitate Open Banking in Australia, the Treasury Laws Amendment (Consumer Data Right) Act 2019 passed into law on


Johnson Winter & Slattery | Australia | 13 Aug 2019

Are fingerprints employee records? Biometric data in the workplace

In an age driven by technology, employers are increasingly using biometric Technologies, such as fingerprint scanning and facial recognition, as a


Herbert Smith Freehills LLP | Australia | 6 Jun 2019

Jeremy Lee v Superior Wood: biometric data, the Privacy Act, and the employee records exemption

In this case, Mr Lee objected to his employer’s direction to use a fingerprint scanner to sign in and out of his work site, under Superior Wood’s


Piper Alderman | Australia | 4 Jun 2019

Are requests for medical information bullying? Commission says no to “self-serving” applicant

If an employee cannot perform the “inherent requirements” of the job they are employed to do, and is unable to safely work, that can eventually be a


Lander & Rogers | Australia | 4 Jun 2019

The line between reasonable and unreasonable directions

Is it lawful and reasonable for your employer to ask you for your fingerprint? And if you don’t want to give it to them, can they dismiss

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