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Al Tamimi & Company | United Arab Emirates | 31 Aug 2020

Remedies for shareholders in the company law of the UAE and the DIFC

It is a settled principle under many legal systems that a company is a separate legal person distinct from its shareholders, embodied in the…

VWV | United Kingdom | 8 Jul 2020

Academies - Reviewing Your Governance Documentation

As Chairs of trustees, principals/CEOs and clerks start finalising their timetable of meetings for the next academic year, this is often a sensible…

Stevens & Bolton LLP | United Kingdom | 22 May 2020

Articles of association - time for an upgrade

A company’s articles of association (articles) are a set of rules which govern the internal affairs of the company and form the basis of a statutory…

Youssry Saleh & Partners | Egypt | 11 Feb 2020

Suretyship as per Egyptian Laws and Regulations

Can one Company Act as a Guarantor for the Other ?. According to the Egyptian law Companies cannot guarantee another Company unless it is stipulated…

Tilleke & Gibbins | Global, Myanmar | 6 Jan 2020

M&A documentation in Myanmar

A structured guide to M&A documentation in Myanmar

Gurulkan Çakır | Turkey | 29 Nov 2019

Intra-Corporate Dispute Arbitration in Turkey

Arbitration is an important alternative dispute resolution method in commercial and corporate disputes. Although it is a widely-used…

Seeds of Law (formerly Peeters Law) | Belgium | 21 Oct 2019

Hoe kan een vennootschap een “Opt-in” doen in het kader van het WVV?

Vennootschappen kunnen een opt-in beslissing en de daarop volgende statutenwijziging realiseren via één en dezelfde buitengewone algemene…

Seeds of Law (formerly Peeters Law) | Belgium | 21 Oct 2019

Comment une entreprise peut-elle faire un choix d’ « Opt-in » dans le cadre du CSA ?

Les sociétés peuvent décider de mettre en œuvre un « Opt-in » et de modifier les statuts par le biais d'une seule et même assemblée générale…

SSEK Indonesian Legal Consultants | Indonesia | 27 Sep 2019

Deadline Looming for Companies in Indonesia to Amend Articles of Association

Limited liability companies in Indonesia are being required to amend Article 3 of their Articles of Association (AoA) so their purpose, objectives…

Bird & Bird LLP | Germany | 13 Sep 2019

BGH urteilt über die Einrichtung eines fakultativen Aufsichtsrats in einer GmbH auf Grundlage einer Öffnungsklausel

BGH-Urteil vom 02. Juli 2019 - II ZR 406/17 : Einrichtung eines Aufsichtsrats einer GmbH auf Grundlage einer im Gesellschaftsvertrag enthaltenen…
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