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Lexology PRO | USA | 26 May 2022

Checklist: Assessing whether standard terms and conditions should be used for the supply of goods and services (USA)

This checklist provides guidance to in-house counsel in assessing the pros and cons of entering into a supply of goods or services contract that uses a third party’s standard terms and conditions (standard terms and conditions).
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Lexology PRO | China, European Union, Global, etc. | 29 Apr 2022

In-house interview: How the Ukraine-Russia crisis has reinforced the need for LNG contract standardisation and digitisation

Errol Bong, Managing Director and Head of North Asia at D2 Legal Technology, explains how standardised digital contracts will facilitate European energy traders’ search for new sources of LNG.
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Lexology PRO | Australia, Canada, China, etc. | 1 Apr 2022

Cross-border data transfer requirements: a global guide (updated 1 April 2022)

The US and EU announce a trans-Atlantic transfer mechanism, Japan tightens consent and contract requirements, and the UK IDTA takes effect – plus key requirements for exporting personal data in key jurisdictions.
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Lexology PRO | European Union, Global | 23 Feb 2022

60-second read: How to get employees to “buy into” compliance

Involving staff in policy drafting and risk assessments, and providing agreement templates are crucial to getting them to “buy into” compliance, according to Elina Girne, chief legal officer and compliance officer at Squalio.
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Lexology PRO | European Union, Global, Latvia | 23 Feb 2022

Compliance: top ways to get employees to “buy-in”

Elina Girne, chief legal officer and chief compliance officer at Squalio, talks about where business teams can be involved in compliance processes, and the impact this has on culture and the sense of accountability.Squalio is a multinational information technology and services company based in Latvia.Interview conducted by Samantha Gilbert, Senior Content Editor for Lexology PRO. 
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Lexology PRO | European Union, Global, United Kingdom | 4 Feb 2022

Data transfers: comparing the UK IDTA and EU SCCs

The UK and EU align over “restricted” transfers and transfer impact assessments, but diverge on data controller audits and arbitration rights.
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Lexology PRO | Austria, European Union, USA | 13 Jan 2022

Google Analytics SCCs violate GDPR, Austrian watchdog finds

The Austrian data protection regulator has found that supplementary measures in Google Analytics standard contractual clauses cannot be used for US data exports, in a decision that will have companies scrambling to update their safeguards.
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Lexology PRO | European Union, Global | 22 Nov 2021

EDPB clarifies GDPR data transfers

European data protection regulators have appeared to support the development of new standard contractual clauses for non-EU processing in draft guidelines that clarify personal data transfers under the GDPR.
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Bird & Bird LLP | Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom | 9 Sep 2021

Important ruling on the “nuclear bomb” of IT contracts (based on previous Danish feature)

In 2018, the Norwegian agricultural organisation Felleskjøpet AGRI was awarded NOK 288 million in damages against the IT supplier Infor (Steinhausen)…
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Lexology PRO | China, European Union, Global, etc. | 27 Jul 2021

60-second read: What to do if you have a contract with a sanctioned entity

Developing a template sanctions clause and strong illegality terms helps to cleanly terminate a contract with an entity on the Specially Designated National (SDN) list, according to Errol Bong, Head of Compliance & Legal Counsel at Noble Group.
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