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StoneTurn | USA | 10 Aug 2023

Key Considerations for CFIUS Issues

View the full New Developments in CFIUS masterclass where Scott Baylan and Orion Berg continue the interactive discussion about national security concerns facing companies today, especially when they include non-U.S. entities, partners, or investors.The masterclass explores:    - Companies expanding their resources-The Continued focus on personal data, particularly security around foreign......
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Lexology PRO | European Union, Global, United Kingdom, etc. | 21 Jul 2023

In-house interview: How to adapt to fast-paced sanctions and export controls

David Wang, Senior Vice President & General Counsel at Vestas Northern & Central Europe, describes how “sparring” and collaboration are vital in today’s volatile sanctions regulatory environment.
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Lexology PRO | Australia, Canada, European Union, etc. | 25 May 2023

Why companies need to quantum-proof their data now

Quantum computers will soon make public-key cryptographic cybersecurity obsolete. Here is what businesses need to do to safeguard their data against the “quantum apocalypse.”
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Lexology PRO | European Union, Global, Switzerland | 28 Sep 2022

In-house counsel: how to choose the right automation tool

Adrian Kramer, Region Legal Director at Coca-Cola HBC, explains why “over-investing” in research, being open to failure, and knowing your customer is crucial to choosing the right automation tool for your corporate legal department.Coca-Cola HBC is a strategic bottling partner of The Coca-Cola Company.Interview conducted by Samantha Gilbert, Senior Content Editor for Lexology PRO. 
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Lexology PRO | European Union | 15 Sep 2022

Brussels proposes new Cyber Resilience Act

The European Commission has published its proposal for a new Cyber Resilience Act, which will impose new cybersecurity requirements on connected device manufacturers.
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Lexology PRO | European Union | 17 May 2022

Report finds GDPR is used to effectively regulate automated decision-making

The GDPR is being used to regulate increasingly complex cases involving automated decision-making and similar technologies, according to a new report that examined more than 70 decisions, opinions and guiding documents.
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Lexology PRO | Australia, Canada, European Union, etc. | 29 Nov 2021

G7 report urges coordinated global response to Big Tech

A report published by antitrust chiefs from the G7 nations and four guest countries has highlighted the historic global underenforcement of digital mergers and the importance of understanding new technologies to combat harm to competition earlier.
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Lexology PRO | Asia-Pacific, Australia, Canada, etc. | 20 Jul 2021

AI and ethics: five principles to guide your business

Key principles to help ensure artificial intelligence (AI) is integrated ethically into your business, based on recent international guidance.
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Lexology PRO | Asia-Pacific, Australia, Central & South America, etc. | 12 Jul 2021

Data protection: key compliance updates (6 – 12 Jul)

Training initiatives in the UK to protect children online, recommendations on regulating AI in France and Australia, a new Consumer Data Right in New Zealand, and advice by Denmark on how to avoid being tracked – plus other key data protection updates.
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Lexology PRO | Australia, Canada, China, etc. | 29 Jun 2021

Biometric data: What businesses need to know

What businesses need to consider before and when processing biometric data, including the use of facial recognition technology, in key jurisdictions around the globe.
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