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Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | Australia | 2 Jun 2021

Jury hands ACCC loss in first contested criminal cartel case

A jury in Australia has cleared an assistive technology provider and two individuals of criminally attempting to fix prices and rig bids for products used in rehabilitation and aged care.
Analysis PRO In-house

PRO Compliance | South Korea | 17 Feb 2021

KFTC files first-ever criminal obstruction charges

Korea’s competition authority has referred a steel company and three of its employees to the country's criminal prosecutor for impeding a price-fixing probe that resulted in fines of over €200 million.
Analysis PRO In-house

PRO Compliance | Germany, Poland, Russia | 3 Aug 2020

Poland issues €48.2 million obstruction fine against Gazprom

Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has imposed its highest-ever fine on Gazprom for obstructing its Nord Stream 2 gun-jumping probe, but local competition lawyers expect the company to appeal.
Analysis PRO In-house

PRO Compliance | Poland, Russia | 3 Jun 2020

Gazprom faces potential €50 million obstruction fine

Poland’s competition authority has threatened to fine Gazprom for failing to cooperate during a controversial gun-jumping probe related to an unnotified finance agreement for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project.

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP | Czech Republic | 1 Feb 2019

New Czech Criminal Act Amendment repeals individual crimes of "Sharing", "Sharing out of Negligence" and introduces crime of "Obstruction of Justice"

On 1 February 2019 the Amendment to the Criminal Act and Criminal Procedure Code (the “Amendment”) came into effect in the Czech Republic. The…

Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP | USA | 14 Nov 2018

OSHA Obtains Criminal Indictment of Managers Who Allegedly Obstructed Investigation

Most prosecutors will tell you that the cover-up is often worse than the underlying crime. This adage was again proven correct earlier this month when…

Dykema Gossett PLLC | USA | 8 Nov 2018

Impact of the 2018 Midterm Elections

With the new Democratic House majority and Republicans maintaining control of the Senate, Washington, D.C., now enters a period of divided government…

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP | China | 30 Oct 2018

China Issues New Rules Strengthening Local Authorities’ Power to Enforce Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Laws

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on September 15, 2018, released the Provisions for the Supervision and Inspection of Network Security by…

Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP | USA | 17 Oct 2018

Second Circuit Overrules Precedent Requiring COA When Appealing Denial of Bail Pending Habeas Decision

In Illarramendi v. United States, 18-35 (October 16, 2018), the Second Circuit (Walker, Calabresi, Livingston) in a per curiam decision affirmed the…

Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP | USA | 16 Aug 2018

The Circuit Affirms Public Corruption Conviction, Rejecting A Slew Of Arguments And Narrowing The Reach Of Its Prior Decisions On Witness Tampering

In a lengthy opinion in United States v. Sampson on August 6, 2018, the Second Circuit (Cabranes, Livingston, Carney) affirmed the conviction of…
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