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Lexology PRO | Australia, Canada, European Union, etc. | 14 Jun 2021

In-house interview: Spreading the compliance message to a remote workforce

Patrick Henz, Head of Governance Risk & Compliance at a multinational engineering and plant construction company, discusses how QR codes, wallet cards and “micro-training” can help promote a culture of compliance during remote working.
Lexology Learn videos

Lexology PRO | Australia, Canada, European Union, etc. | 28 Apr 2021

General counsel: Top tips on balancing family and work priorities

Kate Sherburn, Legal Beagle at Who Gives a Crap, shares her tips on how in-house counsel can balance work and family obligations.Who Gives a Crap is an ethical, e-commerce toilet paper brand based in Australia.Interview conducted by Samantha Gilbert, content editor for Lexology PRO.
Analysis PRO

Lexology PRO | Asia-Pacific, Australia, Canada, etc. | 6 Apr 2021

Remote working and the future of work: guidance for businesses

With large numbers of employees continuing to work remotely around the world and restrictions easing in some jurisdictions, we consider what the future of work looks like for businesses, as well as the key risks and issues for employers.

Mette Klingsten Advokatfirma | Denmark, European Union | 5 Jan 2021

Registrering af arbejdstid

De danske regler om arbejdstid bygger hovedsageligt på EU’s arbejdstidsdirektiv og på arbejdsmiljøloven. Herudover er der i en række kollektive…

Norrbom Vinding | Denmark | 8 Apr 2020

COVID-19: changes to rules on distribution of work

As part of its COVID-19 measures, the government has adopted changes to the Executive Order on Payment of Unemployment Benefits to facilitate the…

Burges Salmon LLP | United Kingdom | 1 Apr 2020

COVID-19: Managing holiday and extension of carry-over provisions

COVID-19 is causing issues for employers at every turn. Whether it is the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme or the status of those on self-isolation…

Bird & Bird LLP | European Union, United Kingdom | 27 Mar 2020

Dealing with the Coronavirus : What do employers need to consider?

The Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) continues to spread. While high infection rates were only recorded in China and subsequently in South Korea and Italy…

Garrigues | Spain | 27 Mar 2020

Labour matters in Anti-Crisis Shield

The package of the so-called "Anti-Crisis Shield", as announced, includes a number of changes, among others, directly affecting employers and…

VISCHER AG | Switzerland | 26 Mar 2020

Reduced working hours (RWH) due to coronavirus

We have already reported on several occasions about the requirements and framework conditions for (RWH), which are currently changing almost daily…

VISCHER AG | Switzerland | 23 Mar 2020

The Top Ten questions on Reduced Working Hours (RWH)

In the last few days, we were able to assist many clients in a variety of questions in relation to reduced working hours ("RWH"). In this context, we…
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