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Teacher Stern LLP | United Kingdom | 22 Apr 2021

When football meets company law - the Super League saga

I know I am not the only one to include football as a passion of mine. This week that passion crossed with another, company law... As the "top six"…

Fox Williams LLP | United Kingdom | 19 Apr 2021

Shareholder disputes: consensual and non-consensual ways to break the deadlock - Part 2

In last month's issue of Fashion Focus we considered some consensual ways of resolving disputes between shareholders here. In many instances, these…

Brodies LLP | United Kingdom | 19 Apr 2021

Section 172 statements: Large Private Companies

A section 172 statement usually forms part of the narrative in a company's annual report and accounts. Including a section 172 statement has been…

Herrington Carmichael LLP | United Kingdom | 25 Mar 2021

Removal of Unnecessary Information - will Companies House Amend the Register?

The Companies Act 2006 (‘CA 2006’) provides a mechanism for the correction or removal of documents filed with Companies House which contain…

Hogan Lovells | United Kingdom | 15 Mar 2021

“Disguised Distributions” - lawful or unlawful, that is the question

Intra-group transactions are the subject of close scrutiny, particularly where the financial condition of the group is in question. Directors must…

Brodies LLP | United Kingdom | 4 Mar 2021

How to hold a company AGM or general meeting in 2021

Companies who need or want to hold a shareholders' meeting - whether an Annual General Meeting or a general meeting ("GM") - in the coming months are…

Herrington Carmichael LLP | United Kingdom | 3 Mar 2021

Are you thinking of increasing the number of shares in your Company?

One of the issues we are frequently faced with when carrying out due diligence on a company, whether it’s for restructuring, mergers and acquisitions…

3 Hare Court | United Kingdom | 22 Feb 2021

New Requirements for witness Statements

Natasha Jackson looks at the implemented changes that will be in place once the new requirements for witness statements take affect in the article…

Browne Jacobson LLP | United Kingdom | 11 Feb 2021

Contribution claims post settlement - Percy v Merriman White & David Mayal [2021] EWHC 22 (Ch)

This claim addresses the question of whether a collateral defence can be raised to a claim for contribution following a settlement under the…

Brodies LLP | United Kingdom | 26 Jan 2021

Step by step: allotting and issuing new shares in a private company

Raising finance for a private company, be it to assist in expansion or business growth, can be done in a number of ways. The allotment and issue of…
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