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Conyers | British Virgin Islands | 17 Nov 2022

Recent Changes to BVI Company Law: What You Need to Know

In this first in a series of monthly webinars, Partners Robert Briant, Anton Goldstein and Counsel Rachael Pape provide a practical overview of…
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Fenech & Fenech Advocates | Malta | 12 Sep 2022

The Memorandum and Articles of Association - What and why?

This is the first part of a series of FAQs regarding the Memorandum and Articles of Association of a company incorporated in terms of the Companies…
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TozziniFreire Advogados | Brazil | 13 Jul 2022

Federal Decree No. 11,129/2022 will regulate the application of the Brazilian Clean Companies Act

The regulation of the Brazilian Clean Companies Act (BCCA) in the federal scope has changed with the publication of Decree No. 11,129/2022, which…
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Conyers | Cayman Islands | 27 Jun 2022

Mistakes were made… What is a liquidator to do?

A fundamental principle of insolvency law in the Cayman Islands is that upon the commencement of a liquidation of a company, a line is drawn in the…
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Gan Partnership | Malaysia | 31 May 2022

Is a company bound by a contract made prior to its incorporation?

In Malaysia, there is a principle called "promoter and successor", as defined under sections 65(1) and (2) of the Companies Act 2016. Where certain legislative requirements are met, a company can be and is bound by a contract or transaction made before its incorporation. In a recent case, the Federal Court discussed the promoter and successor principle.
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Vaish Associates Advocates | India | 29 Apr 2022

Whether Every Director of a Company can be Impleaded as an Accused in a Criminal Complaint?

The Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of National Small Industries Corp. Ltd. vs. Harmeet Singh Paintal and Ors., 010(2)AC R1221(SC )/…
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GVZH Advocates | Malta | 8 Apr 2022

Skating on Thin Ice?

A snapshot of directors' exposure to liability for crimes attributable to a company in the light of Maltese law One of the principal objectives of…
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Paul Hastings LLP | Japan | 8 Apr 2022

What does a director of a Japanese corporation need to do for appropriate internal control?

When a non-Japanese executive is asked to serve as a director on a Japanese company’s board, what liability such a position may trigger is…
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Miura & Partners | Japan | 22 Mar 2022

招集株主による上場会社の株主総会開催の実務 Vol.1:総会招集請求から総会検査役選任の申立てまで

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Almgren & Sankamo Law Offices | Finland | 15 Mar 2022

Demerger of the Limited Liability Company in Finland

In this article demerger refers to the demerger regulated in Chapter 17 of the Limited Liability Companies Act (Companies Act, 624/2006). A demerger…
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