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Sofunde Osakwe Ogundipe & Belgore | Nigeria, USA | 29 Mar 2021

Sentencing of Obinwanne Okeke and restitution for his victims

Obinwanne Okeke was recently sentenced in the United States for computer and wire fraud and ordered to forfeit various assets. The question raised by…

Macfarlanes LLP | United Kingdom | 25 Mar 2020

Coronavirus Bill: postponement of the right of forfeiture for non-payment of rent

The Coronavirus Bill currently going through Parliament will bring into force special measures to assist business tenants and occupiers. We have set…

Hogan Lovells | United Kingdom | 24 Mar 2020

UK COVID-19: Commercial tenants to be given three months’ protection from forfeiture

Yesterday, as well as locking down the country, the government published critical amendments to the emergency Coronavirus Bill protecting commercial…

Hogan Lovells | United Kingdom | 20 Sep 2019

CVAs - retail’s flexible friendship continues

On 19 September 2019, Norris J handed down judgment in the challenge brought by six landlords against the Debenhams Retail Limited (Debenhams)…

DLA Piper | Mexico | 22 Aug 2019

Mexico: controversial, broad civil asset forfeiture law expands anticorruption arsenal - key points for companies

Mexico's Congress recently passed federal legislation that will allow the Mexican government to seize assets from private individuals and companies…

Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman PC | USA | 19 Oct 2018

Not So Fast! District Court Holds Qui Tam Relators Cannot Reach into the Government’s Pockets in Criminal Forfeiture Proceedings

The Eleventh Circuit recently held that a qui tam relator cannot intervene in criminal forfeiture proceedings when the government chooses to…

Ogier | Jersey | 12 Jul 2018

Reform of civil forfeiture orders in Jersey

MONEYVAL's inspection of Jersey's AML regime in 2015 and its subsequent report issued in May 2016 has focussed the minds of Jersey legislators and…

Brecher LLP | United Kingdom | 4 Jul 2018

What a Relief: Court of Appeal confirms Licensee’s Right to Relief from Forfeiture

The Court of Appeal has ruled that the court does have jurisdiction to grant a licensee (as opposed to a tenant) relief from forfeiture provided that…

Daoust Vukovich LLP | Canada | 21 Jun 2018

Ontario Court Of Appeal Clarifies Interplay Between Lease Abandonment and Subtenancy

A recent decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal has upheld the effect of a lease abandonment on a subsisting sublease. In Smiles First Corporation…

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab | European Union | 24 Nov 2017

The Unified Patent Court: provisional measures

Provisional measures such as preliminary injunctions have always been of particular importance in IP litigation, including patent litigation. In this…
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