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Sydney Criminal Lawyers | Australia | 15 Feb 2023

Police May Use Serious Crime Prevention Orders to Combat Domestic Violence

As domestic violence offences continue to decimate families and communities across New South Wales, police are desperately seeking to find solutions…
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Clyde & Co LLP | Ireland | 13 Feb 2023

Abuse & Neglect blog - “Tackling domestic and sexual abuse is everyone’s business” in Northern Ireland

The title phrase is the call out banner used on the Front Page of the Northern Ireland administration’s draft Domestic and Sexual Abuse Strategy…
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Charles Russell Speechlys | United Kingdom | 13 Feb 2023

Reform of the Child Maintenance Service to tackle domestic abuse

Parents are able to come to an agreement about children’s living costs and any ‘maintenance’ to be paid if they separate. If this is not the possible…
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Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados | Portugal | 6 Feb 2023

Alterações ao Código Civil e ao Código de Processo Civil- Divórcio sem consentimento

Foi publicada, no passado dia 16 de Janeiro, a Lei n.º 3/2023, que procede à alteração do Código Civil e do Código de Processo Civil, que prevê a…
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Sydney Criminal Lawyers | Australia | 1 Feb 2023

Employer-Paid Domestic Violence Leave is Now Available to Employees

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has taken to the airwaves to boast of his Government’s passing of legislation which entitles those who are affected…
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Sydney Criminal Lawyers | Australia | 30 Jan 2023

Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme: The Right to Know or an Unjustified Intrusion on Privacy?

New South Wales residents may soon be able to call a hotline or access an online portal to check whether the person they claim to be their partner has…
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Lewis Silkin LLP | United Kingdom | 18 Jan 2023

What's happening in employment law in Northern Ireland in 2023?

🕑 10 minutes With the continuing lack of a functioning Executive and Assembly in Northern Ireland, employment law remains more or less in stalemate. That said, the active post-Brexit reform agenda impacts Northern Ireland and the decision in an important holiday pay case is expected. This article presents a round-up of what to expect.
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Lexology PRO | Africa, Asia-Pacific, Australia, etc. | 16 Jan 2023

Employment: key updates and developments (10 – 16 Jan)

The UK’s “anti-strike” law passes its second reading, the US EEOC publishes its draft 2023-2027 enforcement priorities, and Australia provides paid leave for domestic violence victims – plus other key updates.
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Richmond Chambers Immigration Barristers | United Kingdom | 30 Dec 2022

High Court Considers Domestic Violence Victims Abandoned Abroad

In the recent case of R (AM) v SSHD [2022] EWHC 2591 (Admin), the High Court addressed an underpublicized form of domestic abuse, known to…
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Hassan Elhais | United Arab Emirates | 15 Dec 2022

Explained: Restraining Orders and Jail Terms of Domestic Violence in the UAE

The issue of domestic violence is universal, and the UAE has taken bold steps to combat this issue. In this connection, the Federal Decree-Law No…
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