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Lexology PRO | Asia-Pacific, Australia, Central & South America, etc. | 23 Nov 2023

Regulatory enforcement trends and risks: banking (Nov 2023)

Lexology PRO analyses the enforcement and rule change activity across banking over the last 6 months to identify key risk areas and trends for businesses.
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Lexology PRO | European Union, Netherlands | 22 Nov 2023

EU fines Rabobank, confirms Deutsche Bank penalty waiver

Deutsche Bank has avoided a €156 million fine as the immunity applicant in a European Commission bonds trading cartel probe, though fellow conspirator Rabobank must pay a €26.6 million penalty.
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Lexology PRO | USA | 28 Sep 2023

US Supreme Court: preview of arguments in October session

The US Supreme Court term begins 2 October 2023, with oral arguments scheduled on the meaning of “and”, the constitutionality of the CFPB’s funding, how far ADA “testers” can take their efforts, and more.
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Lexology PRO | Global, Switzerland | 6 Sep 2023

Swiss expert report calls for more regulatory tools and bailout provision

A Swiss government panel assembled to review Switzerland’s “too big to fail” regime following the collapse of Credit Suisse has called for an expanded toolbox for financial regulators and increasing the availability of public-funded emergency liquidity – but warned about the prospects for future bank rescues in a market with only one G-SIB now remaining.
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Lexology PRO | USA | 15 Aug 2023

UBS settles DOJ mortgage-backed securities fraud investigation

The Department of Justice has announced that UBS will pay $1.4 billion to settle a civil lawsuit over the bank’s sale of residential mortgage-backed securities before the 2008 global financial crisis.

Lexology PRO | Global, Switzerland, United Kingdom, etc. | 26 Jul 2023

UBS to pay for Credit Suisse’s Archegos failures

Regulators in the UK and US have handed Credit Suisse a combined US$387 million in fines, as its home regulator in Switzerland finds it “seriously and systematically” violated financial market laws in its relationship with the Archegos family office, ordering corrective measures from the defunct bank’s new owner UBS.
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Lexology PRO | European Union, Global, United Kingdom, etc. | 13 Jul 2023

In-house interview: How to survive the ESG “regulatory tsunami”

Aleksandra Schellenberg, Head of Legal and Sustainability at UBS, analyses the role of the in-house counsel in ESG and how “voluntary” ESG commitments really are in her keynote at Lexology PRO’s European Counsel Summit.
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Global Banking Regulation Review | Switzerland | 14 Jun 2023

UBS expected to begin “cultural maintenance” as Credit Suisse merger completes

“UBS is clear that it will not take on any bad apples, and certainly not let them roll”, Lexology PRO hears, as Switzerland’s two megabanks finish their shotgun marriage with delayed new capital requirements.
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Schoenherr | Austria, European Union, Switzerland | 27 Apr 2023

AT1-Anleihen aus EU rechtlich sicherer

Dass AT1-Anleihen der Credit Suisse im Zuge der Übernahme durch die UBS geschnitten wurden, beschäftigt Politik, Märkte und Anwälte. Einige…
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Clayton Utz | Australia | 20 Apr 2023

Defaulting finance parties: tips for borrowers in 2023

Defaulting Finance Party provisions remain common and necessary for prudent borrowers in Australian syndicated loan documents. This article describes…
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