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Analysis PRO

Lexology PRO | Canada, China, European Union, etc. | 11 May 2021

Anti-corruption: Key compliance updates (27 Apr – 11 May)

Tips on how to challenge account freezing orders, a look at the UK’s new global sanctions regime, and proposed enhancements to Hong Kong’s corporate governance codes are among this fortnight’s key anti-corruption updates.
Analysis PRO

Lexology PRO | Asia-Pacific, Australia, Canada, etc. | 15 Apr 2021

Cryptocurrency: Key risks and guidance for businesses

Tips on how to respond to the changing regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies and assets in key jurisdictions around the globe.
Analysis PRO

Lexology PRO | Asia-Pacific, Canada, China, etc. | 24 Mar 2021

Global sanctions: Key developments on Myanmar, Xinjiang and Russia

A look at the economic sanctions imposed following the Myanmar military coup, China’s human rights violations in Xinjiang, and Russia’s alleged use of chemical weapons.
Analysis PRO

Lexology PRO | Australia, Canada, European Union, etc. | 16 Mar 2021

Anti-corruption: Key compliance updates (2 – 16 Mar)

A look at new US beneficial ownership disclosure obligations, emerging digital asset regulations and other key anti-corruption updates from the last fortnight.
Analysis PRO

PRO Compliance | Australia, Canada, European Union, etc. | 22 Feb 2021

Data protection: Key compliance updates (15 – 22 Feb)

How to respond to ransomware attacks, prepare for new US state data privacy laws, and protect data in digital markets, and other key data protection updates.
Analysis PRO

Lexology PRO | Australia, Canada, European Union, etc. | 18 Feb 2021

Ransomware: Preventing and responding to an attack

A roundup of tips and regulator advice on how to prevent and manage a ransomware attack, including regularly backing-up data and leveraging cyber insurance.

Thompson Hine LLP | Sudan, USA | 14 Dec 2020

U.S. Rescinds Sudan’s Designation as State Sponsor of Terrorism

On December 14, 2020, the State Department announced that the United States was rescinding Sudan’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism. The…
Analysis PRO In-house

PRO Compliance | European Union, USA | 4 Dec 2020

EDPB letter illustrates EU-US terrorism data clash

Senior privacy officials from both sides of the Atlantic have fired warning shots over a terrorism data-sharing scheme, in an awkward spat that may cast a shadow on the EU’s attempts to woo president-elect Joe Biden.
Analysis PRO In-house

PRO Compliance | Australia, Brazil, Canada, etc. | 3 Dec 2020

Anti-corruption: Key updates for compliance teams this week

How to write defensible internal investigation reports and handle European Anti-Fraud Office investigations as well as insight into emerging cryptocurrency regulation.

Youssry Saleh & Partners | Egypt | 10 Nov 2020

Egypt Regulation: KYC compliance

Know your Customer (KYC) is a principle that states that “Every bank or broker-dealer shall use reasonable diligence, in regard to the opening and…
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