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Ogier | Jersey | 2 Nov 2023

Clarity for trustees around corporate trustee mergers: the Jersey perspective

The recent English case of USAF Nominee No. 18 Limited & Ors v Watkin Jones & Son Limited [2023] EWHC 1880 (TCC) considered a number of preliminary…
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RPC | United Kingdom | 25 Oct 2023

Spotlight on Private Wealth - October 2023

This update is designed to keep you up to date with developments in the private wealth world. In this edition we explore everything from making a…
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Standard Bank | Global, Jersey, Mauritius | 23 Oct 2023

Rolling with the punches: planning techniques for emotive assets

Love, hate, happiness, anger, envy, pride, and fear are just a few of the emotions that families deal with on a frequent basis. There is not a single…

Cooper Grace Ward | Australia | 11 Sep 2023

It Depends - Family trust change of trustee (part 2 - change method)

Changing the trustee of your family trust can trigger a range of issues - so many, in fact, that partner Scott Hay-Bartlem has produced a series of…
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Addleshaw Goddard LLP | United Kingdom | 1 Sep 2023

Call for evidence on pension trustee skills, capability and culture

In July the DWP and HM Treasury published a call for evidence on pension trustee skills, capability and culture. This was one of a group of documents…
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Wilberforce Chambers | United Kingdom | 30 Aug 2023

Immunity for Blackpool FC? It’s not clear…

If the court blesses a transaction, the trustee is immune from subsequent challenge. One might be forgiven for thinking that is an uncontroversial…
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Cooper Grace Ward | Australia | 21 Aug 2023

It depends - Does a trustee have absolute discretion?

The trustee’s role and the way that it can exercise its power will depend on a variety of factors, including the terms of the trust deed itself. Are…
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Wilson Harle | New Zealand | 27 Jun 2023

Court of Appeal clarifies Māori Land Court jurisdiction over discretionary trusts

Conventionally, the High Court has supervisory jurisdiction over trusts. However, the issue in this case was whether the fact that one of the assets held by the trust was land following a settlement of Crown breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti) meant that the Māori Land Court had jurisdiction under the Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993. The decision provides a helpful illustration of......
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Loeb & Loeb LLP | USA | 23 Jun 2023

Irrevocable Trusts and the Rights of Beneficiaries to Information - Who Must Receive What and When?

High net worth individuals frequently create irrevocable trusts during life to benefit their spouses, children, grandchildren or other family members…
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Burges Salmon LLP | United Kingdom | 15 Jun 2023

Ch Ch Ch Changes: Charity trustees gain new powers under the Charities Act 2022

The Charities Act 2022 became law on 24 February and yesterday a further tranche of reforms (including to the rules regarding permanent endowment and…
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