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Analysis PRO

Lexology PRO | Australia, China, European Union, etc. | 22 Jun 2021

Compliance management: Key updates (16 – 22 Jun)

Updates to the AML/CTF regimes in Australia and Hong Kong and the UK’s modern slavery legislation, new UK ESG guidance and post-Brexit data protection reforms, China’s new data security law and Turkey’s medical devices regulation – plus other key compliance management updates.
Analysis PRO

Lexology PRO | Australia, European Union, Global, etc. | 12 Apr 2021

Data protection: Key compliance updates (5 – 12 Apr)

How to effectively pseudonymize data and prepare for compliance deadlines for the UK’s Age Appropriate Design Code and South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act 2013.

Brodies LLP | United Kingdom | 21 Aug 2020

International child abduction : frequently asked questions

When most people hear the words "international child abduction" it conjures up images of children being stolen from their home or their parent and…
Analysis PRO In-house

PRO Compliance | USA | 15 May 2020

Zoom faces more data litigation pressure

A San Francisco church has filed a putative class action lawsuit against Zoom over allegedly poor cybersecurity which the plaintiffs say led to congregants being exposed to child sexual abuse footage.

Herzog Fox & Neeman | United Kingdom | 26 Feb 2020

UK to Appoint New Internet Harms Regulator

The United Kingdom ("UK") Digital Secretary and the Home Secretary have announced that the British Government is minded to appoint the existing…

Clyde & Co LLP | United Kingdom | 11 Oct 2019

The doctor will report you now: healthcare and the smacking ban in Scotland

The Scottish Parliament has passed the long-awaited smacking ban. Wales is likely to follow suit. Doctors, teachers and social workers already have…

Al Tamimi & Company | United Arab Emirates | 2 Aug 2019

Safeguarding 3.0: The Executive Regulations of the Child Rights Law

Guaranteeing the safety and wellbeing of children and Young people is of paramount importance to every nation. The UAE Federal Law No. (3) of 2016…

DAC Beachcroft | United Kingdom | 6 Jun 2019

Has the roller coaster ride come to an end - the future of social services negligence claims?

The duty of care owed by Social Workers to children who they seek to protect has been a roller coaster ride over the last few years. Historically, no…

Beiten Burkhardt | Germany | 9 Nov 2018

Jugendschutz, Zensur und Kultur: Ist in Computerspielen mittlerweile alles möglich?

Ein zentrales Thema war die Debatte um Nazisymbolik in Computerspielen, die mit der Entscheidung der Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle (USK) im…

Hassan Elhais | United Arab Emirates | 24 Sep 2018

Neglectful parents must be ‘held accountable’ for child deaths

Neglectful parents must be ‘held accountable’ if their children die due to a fatal lack of care, a safety leader has said. Mouza Al Shoumy, deputy…
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