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Shoosmiths LLP | United Kingdom | 26 May 2023

Earning the commute: roundtable on the UK’s flexible office space sector

“The building has to earn the commute. There has to be a reason for people to come into an office building, and that’s why you’re seeing this…
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Lexology PRO | Asia-Pacific, Australia, Central & South America, etc. | 24 Apr 2023

Employment: key updates and developments (14 – 24 Apr)

The UK may not pass new workplace protections from sexual harassment, the US EEOC targets workplace harassment in federal agencies, and a French court rules that teleworking is a reasonable adjustment – plus other key updates.
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Lexology PRO | China, Finland, France, etc. | 29 Mar 2023

Pregnancy discrimination: key regulatory developments

Key updates on employers’ obligations to protect pregnant employees, including the UK Protection from Redundancy Bill, the US Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and new anti-discrimination provisions in China and Malaysia.
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Lexology PRO | Albania, Asia-Pacific, Australia, etc. | 27 Mar 2023

Employment: key updates and developments (21 – 27 Mar)

Amazon cuts 9,000 more jobs, UK businesses prepare for min wage increases as of 1 April, and Thailand formally recognises home working – plus other key updates.
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Reed Smith LLP | United Kingdom | 9 Mar 2023

Menopause and the workplace - UK employers in the driving seat

The UK government has largely rejected recommendations to reform the existing legal framework for employees experiencing menopause, instead promoting…
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Stanchi Studio Legale | Italy | 8 Mar 2023

Gender equality in the workplace in Italy

Italy has implemented a number of new initiatives that focus on a new strategy to combat gender inequality based on the transparency and accountability of corporate personnel management policies and the rewarding of companies that adhere to them. This article discusses, among other things, Italy's National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the obligation for employers to submit a biennial report......
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Lewis Silkin LLP | Ireland | 8 Mar 2023

Steps employers can take to #EmbraceEquity for women

International Women's Day provides an opportunity for employers to showcase inclusivity within their workplace and reflect on steps they can take to make their workplace more inclusive. This article looks at how businesses can recognise the complexities and challenges faced by women in the workplace, what they can do to address these and their gender pay gap and what legal developments are......
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CGM Advogados | Brazil | 8 Mar 2023

Gender equality in Brazilian workplaces: what to expect

While rules to protect women and prevent unfair discrimination have existed for many years, Brazil is still far from reaching gender equality in the workplace. However, if intentions become reality, companies should expect increased attention on this matter in the next few years. The current president not only addressed the matter in his inauguration speech and ceremony, but also recreated......
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Lewis Silkin LLP | United Kingdom | 1 Mar 2023

Workers (Predictable Terms and Conditions) Bill: will it lead to a surge in requests?

The government is finally following up on its 2018 promise to address "one-sided flexibility" in work contracts by backing this private member's bill. The bill is likely to have the greatest impact on industries where shift patterns vary as rotas change, and where work is very casual in nature. However, whether it will amount to much more than another "box ticking" exercise remains to be......
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Gan Partnership | Malaysia | 22 Feb 2023

Employment Act 1955 now protects all employees

The ambit of the Employment Act 1955 recently changed to cover all employees. It is important for employers to revisit their employment contracts to ensure that they comply with the amended Act. This article outlines some of the key changes, which include new paternity leave allowances, changes to sick leave provisions and a new duty for employers to raise awareness of sexual harassment.
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