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IP Twins | China | 3 May 2021

JD upgrades its anti-counterfeit system

JD is one of the leading players in e-commerce within China, boasting 745,8 billion Yuans in total net revenues for 2020. Ahead of the World…

Gowling WLG | Canada, Global, Russia | 31 Mar 2021

Setting up a global anti-counterfeiting program for the first time

When setting up a global anti-counterfeiting program for the first time, there are several aspects to consider including the below: 1. IPR Protection…

IP Twins | China | 4 Mar 2021

JD Améliore son système de lutte anti-contrefaçon

Avec un revenu net de 745,8 Milliards de Yuan en 2020, JD est l’un des acteurs majeurs de l’e-commerce en Chine JD a annoncé, avant la journée…

IP Twins | France | 25 Feb 2021

France: 2021-2011 anti-counterfeit programme

The French government published its plan to fight counterfeiting for the years 2021 and 2022. It sets the goals and puts forward the measures intended…

IP Twins | France | 23 Feb 2021

France : plan contrefaçon 2021-2022

Le gouvernement français a publié son plan de lutte contre la contrefaçon pour les années 2021 et 2022. Il y fixe ses objectifs et avance les mesures…

Gowling WLG | United Kingdom | 4 Feb 2021

Anti-counterfeiting country Guide: UK

Counterfeiting poses a significant risk to anyone who has invested time and effort in growing a brand. Counterfeit goods are not a new challenge for…

Gowling WLG | Russia | 4 Feb 2021

Anti-counterfeiting country Guide: Russia

According to a recent report from Red Points, the volume of counterfeit goods worldwide has increased by 40% over one year from 2018 to 20191 . The…

IP Twins | European Union, France | 16 Dec 2020

France et Union européenne : rapport Blanchet et Bournazel sur l’évaluation de la lutte contre la contrefaçon

Un peu plus d’un an après le rapport de la Cour des comptes sur la contrefaçon, portant le sous-titre vers une obligation de vigilance renforcée des…

Gowling WLG | Global | 10 Dec 2020

Lifecycle of a smart idea | The genuine article: Developing a global anti-counterfeiting program for the first time

The availability in the market of counterfeit products can pose a major threat to the brand equity you’ve worked hard to establish. For organizations…

Rouse | Philippines | 26 Nov 2020

Mind the Gap - The IP Protection law vs. reality in raids in the Philippines

The Enforcement Gap refers to the difference between legal theory on anti-counterfeiting; that is how the laws purport to prevent such illegal…
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