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AJ Park | USA | 22 Dec 2023

Apple watches - not so smart?

Since their release in 2015, Apple’s smartwatches have revolutionised smartwatch technology. With basic time-keeping capabilities alongside fitness…
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Pinsent Masons | European Union, United Kingdom | 1 Aug 2022

Timely reminder? High Court judgment clarifies scope of section 10(3) trademark infringement injuries in context of digital watch face apps

The High Court recently considered trademark infringement in the context of apps. The judgment is noteworthy both for its assessment of the elements of infringement in that specific online environment and its consideration of the scope of the injuries in section 10(3) of the Trade Marks Act 1994 on which there is still relatively limited case law. The judgment may give optimism to rights......
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Fox Williams LLP | United Kingdom | 27 Jul 2022

The Samsung smartwatch and Swatch: trade mark infringement in the spotlight

In a recent case, the High Court has ruled that Samsung infringed Swatch’s trade marks by including them in digital watch faces, despite the fact…
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Lexology PRO | Australia, Canada, China, etc. | 24 Jun 2021

Internet of Things: Key regulations and updates

How the regulatory landscape for IoT is developing to promote market fairness, data security and consumer protection in key jurisdictions around the world.
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PRO Compliance | European Union | 4 Aug 2020

EU takes closer look at Google/Fitbit deal

Following weeks of speculation, the European Commission has launched an in-depth review into Google’s $2.1 billion purchase of Fitbit to study if the deal will give Google a data advantage in the online search and display advertising markets.
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If you’re not familiar with our name, our story is a little different to other City firms. For a start, we’re a business law firm that has first-hand…
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AJ Park is a leading provider of intellectual property law services in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region. With offices in Auckland and…
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