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XXIV Old Buildings | Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, etc. | 2 Dec 2020

Email hacking - who picks up the tab?

Email hacking or business email compromise (“BEC”) fraud, as it is more formally known, costs businesses in the UK millions of pounds each year. In…

Cordato Partners | Australia | 29 Nov 2020

Ski at your own risk because the risk of injury is obvious

Skiing accidents are common, but rarely do they result from collisions with persons or objects. According to statistics kept by Perisher Blue, there…

Cordato Partners | Australia | 8 Nov 2020

What protection do warning signs give against personal injury claims? Case Study #2 a jetty

Walking along a wooden jetty extending over the water is a pleasant recreational activity. A warning sign displayed at the entry point is reassuring…

Cordato Partners | Australia | 1 Nov 2020

What protection do warning signs give against personal injury claims? Case Study #1 boat ramps

Warning signs at beaches, boat ramps and wharfs have become an art-form, full of yellow diamonds and red circles with red lines…

DAC Beachcroft | United Kingdom | 15 Jul 2020

Duty of care owed to overseas whistleblower

In this interesting case, a UK parent company was held to owe a duty of care to provide a safe professional working environment to an employee of its…

Lewis Silkin | United Kingdom | 27 May 2020

COVID-19: does employers' duty of care extend to commuting to work?

Following the government's publication of its post-COVID-19 recovery strategy, employers are beginning to consider how they may safely reopen their…

Cordato Partners | Australia | 17 May 2020

For how long is a valuer liable for the loss on resale of a property?

The NSW Court of Appeal has decided that a Valuer’s liability for loss on a loan accrues when the property security is sold, not later when the…

Fieldfisher LLP (Ireland) | Ireland | 15 May 2020

Update on Nervous Shock Claims: Primary and Secondary Victims- An Irish Perspective

The recent High Court judgement in Lisa Sheehan v Bus Éireann/Irish Bus and Vincent Dower provides a useful update on nervous shock cases in…

Miller Thomson LLP | Canada | 30 Mar 2020

Case Commentary: Provost v. Dueck Downtown Chevrolet Buick GMC Limited, 2020 BCCA 86

A recent case issued by the British Columbia Court of Appeal provides guidance regarding the duty of care owed by business owners and confirmed the…

Cordato Partners | Australia | 8 Mar 2020

Defective Pelvic Mesh Implants - Court answers Common Questions and makes Patient Information Order

For Johnson & Johnson Medical (JJM), the Federal Court orders made on 6 March 2020 represent a comprehensive rejection of its…
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