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Hogan Lovells | France | 18 May 2022

Can employment protection plans and collective bargaining agreements be reconciled?

In a groundbreaking decision, the Paris Court of Appeal ruled that an employment protection plan (PSE) can succeed a collective bargaining agreement (CCR). The Court confirmed an earlier decision of the Montreuil Administrative Court, which rejected the request of several trade unions to annul a decision to approve a PSE, even though a collective redundancy agreement had modified an......
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Lexology PRO | Global, United Kingdom, USA | 21 Apr 2022

Collective redundancies: key lessons from P&O Ferries, Tesco, and

Pre-recorded videos, omitting consultations, and same-day Zoom calls are among the COVID-era redundancy techniques that businesses should avoid.
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Ius Laboris | Ukraine | 29 Mar 2022

From our Ukrainian lawyers: Keeping the economy running during war in Ukraine

Life, and employment, go on in Ukraine but the war has created many pressing and unprecedented issues for employers and employees. Our lawyers in…

Augusta Abogados | Spain | 9 Mar 2022

The second presentation of the special session of the Club Augusta is now available: “Implications of the Labour Reform for companies”

It dealt with the main novelties of Royal Decree-Law 32/2021, of 28 December, on urgent measures for labour reform, guaranteeing employment stability…
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ALTIUS | Belgium | 9 Mar 2022

What can employers expect from government's labour deal?

Recently, the federal government reached an agreement on a package of measures that aims to get more people into work and establish a better work-life balance for employees. The most striking measure, which has also been discussed in the foreign media, is the introduction of a four-day working week. However, other measures will have a significant impact on employers. This article provides an......
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Lexology PRO | Argentina, Australia, Austria, etc. | 7 Feb 2022

Quick view: Minimum wage rate table (Global)

This Quick view provides a table of national and statutory minimum wage rates across key jurisdictions around the world. It also directs users to comprehensive Q&A guides, in-depth analysis, recent developments as well as related commentary and resources.
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CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo | Spain | 26 Jan 2022

Valid collective agreements are impediment to challenging grounds of dismissal in individual proceedings

In a recent decision, the Second Division of the Constitutional Court decided that there was a violation of the fundamental right to effective legal protection in cases where those affected by collective dismissals were denied the opportunity to challenge the grounds of dismissal in their individual proceedings due to an agreement reached during a collective dismissal consultation period.
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Ius Laboris | European Union | 21 Jan 2022

Self-employed collective bargaining in the EU gig economy: new proposals

One of the initiatives launched by the European Commission on 9 December 2021 aimed at improving platform workers' working conditions includes draft…
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Ius Laboris | United Kingdom | 11 Jan 2022

UK trade unions call for right to represent digital platform workers

The UK Trades Union Congress has called for trade unions to have a digital right of access to platform and gig economy workers and for the…
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Garrigues | Portugal | 3 Jan 2022

Increase of justified days of absences due to the passing of a family member

It was published in the Official Gazette the Law No. 1/2022, January 3, increasing the number of days an employee may be absent from work due to the…
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