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Buddle Findlay | New Zealand | 6 Mar 2020

Extension of unfair contract terms regime to business contracts - Are your standard terms fair?

The unfair contract terms regime could soon be extended to business-to-business contracts. The Fair Trading Amendment Bill, which proposes to…
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Buddle Findlay | New Zealand | 27 Nov 2019

Unfair commercial practices - First High Court declaration and stronger laws to come

The High Court recently made its first declaration that the terms of a standard form consumer contract are unfair under the Fair Trading Act 1986…

Buddle Findlay | New Zealand | 18 Oct 2019

Trade mark registration - a simple way to add value to your business!

A trading name and the brand names (or trade marks as they are also called) used by a business for its goods and/or services are some of the most…

Spruson & Ferguson | Australia, New Zealand | 27 Aug 2019

IRIDE, MY RIDE, Can We All Ride?

IRIDE Limited (IRIDE) opposed registration of Application No. 1066251 MY RIDE by Sheppard Cycles Australia Pty Limited (Sheppard Cycles) in connection…
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Quarles & Brady LLP | Australia, New Zealand | 6 Jun 2019

Franchising in New Zealand

New Zealand is an exciting and fast developing market for franchising. The population of New Zealand is about 4.6 million and there are over 630…

Buddle Findlay | New Zealand | 15 May 2019

Opt-in class action against Southern Response

The High Court in Ross v Southern Response Earthquake Services Limited [2018] NZHC 3288 has allowed the Rosses to bring a representative action…
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Buddle Findlay | New Zealand | 14 Feb 2019

All's fair in love and war, but maybe not in business - Get your submissions in

The New Zealand consumer law landscape looks set to shift again. Submissions close on 25 February 2019 on a discussion paper that explores whether…

Buddle Findlay | New Zealand | 3 Dec 2018

Feltex prospectus contained untrue and misleading revenue forecast

In Houghton v Saunders [2018] NZSC 74 the Supreme Court held that a revenue forecast in a prospectus was an untrue statement for the purposes of the…

Cowell Clarke | Australia | 12 Sep 2018

Farmland access disputes - New mining and resource industry regulations open for comment

The State Government has released a public draft of regulations under the Fair Trading Act, incorporating a new Mining and Resources Industry Land…
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Hesketh Henry | New Zealand | 7 Aug 2017

Have I got a deal for you .......

Sales promotions are an important tool in marketing. Consumers are often attracted to a 'good deal' or a 'bargain'. Terms such as '50% off' or 'last…
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