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Shehata & Partners Law Firm | Egypt | 10 Dec 2020

The New Waste Management Law | A New Environmental Frontier in Egypt

Waste management has been a perpetual problem and is still present in most corners in Egyptian streets, and ever since 2012 there was a noticeable…

Clayton Utz | Australia | 10 Dec 2020

Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020 (Cth): What's in store?

The Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020 (Cth) (RWR Bill) is one of a suite of recycling and waste reduction bills passed by both houses of…

ADSERO-Ragy Soliman & Partners | Egypt | 29 Nov 2020

Waste Management Law Overview

The Egyptian Waste Management Law No. 202 of 2020 (the “Law”) was issued on October 13, 2020 and entered into force on 14 October 2020. The…

Chadha & Chadha Intellectual Property Law Firm | India | 26 Nov 2020

Wave of Patents in the Maritime Industry

The maritime industry is one of the oldest and most important industries of our society. The maritime industry is the backbone of global trade and is…

Beale & Co | United Kingdom | 23 Nov 2020

Government Plan goes to Waste

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has consulted on a revised Waste Management Plan for England ("the Plan"). The…

AYMP | Indonesia | 23 Nov 2020

Indonesia Enacts Limited Concession Scheme to Recycle Existing Infrastructure Assets

To improve connectivity between its vast regions and support economic growth, Indonesia requires more infrastructure financing than ever. As an…

Holland & Hart LLP | USA | 17 Nov 2020

Wyoming Industrial Siting: Navigating the Path for Industrial Growth

To balance the needs of both industry and communities, Wyoming has developed a uniform, state-wide permitting system for all large-scale industrial…

Shumaker Loop & Kendrick | USA | 13 Nov 2020

Environmental Update, November 2020

Ohio EPA Division of Materials and Waste Management (DMWM)…

UDL Intellectual Property | United Kingdom | 12 Nov 2020

Sustainable packaging innovations — from paperboard to pulp

In the global paperboard packaging industry, demand has grown for sustainable materials with sufficiently high strength-to-weight properties to enable…

McMillan LLP | Canada | 11 Nov 2020

Ontario's New Blue Box Regulations Shift Consumer Product End-of-life Responsibilities to Producers

Ontario has been facing a waste management crisis for years with 70% of our waste materials ending up in landfills rather than being recycled.…
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