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Crowell & Moring LLP | USA | 26 Feb 2020

Administrative Law - The Supreme Court and the President Rein in the ‘Administrative State’

A conservative Supreme Court and administration have both been working to roll back the administrative state, shifting its center of power to the…

Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP | Canada | 13 Jan 2020

De nouvelles balises pour encadrer le droit administratif : le plus haut tribunal du pays revoit le cadre d’analyse applicable au contrôle judiciaire des décisions administratives

La Cour suprême du Canada (CSC) a récemment rendu des décisions très attendues dans l'affaire Canada (Ministre de la…

Gowling WLG | Canada | 8 Jan 2020

Vavilov : Changes to administrative law in Canada

In late December, the Supreme Court released its decision in Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) v Vavilov, 2019 SCC 65. Quite apart from…

Morrison & Foerster LLP | USA | 5 Nov 2019

Tax-exempt partner held not entitled to refund of transfer tax paid by taxable partnership

A New York City Administrative Law Judge rejected a tax-exempt partner's claim that the exemption from New York City real property transfer tax…

Clayton Utz | Australia | 31 Oct 2019

Administrative law updater: When is there an implied power to delegate statutory functions?

If there is no express power to delegate a statutory power, Courts will consider whether the language, scope or object of the statute override the…

Clayton Utz | Australia | 5 Sep 2019

Administrative law updater: Lawfulness of government policy guiding a decision-maker's discretion

Policy must genuinely allow decision-makers the freedom to depart from the usual application of a statutory discretion in an appropriate case. What…

CMS Netherlands | Netherlands | 22 Aug 2019

Vertrouwensbeginsel: perspectief van de burger staat voortaan centraal

In het bestuurs(proces)recht wordt met enige regelmaat door een burger of bedrijf (hierna: een burger) een Beroep gedaan op het vertrouwensbeginsel…

Harper Grey LLP | Canada | 16 Jul 2019

Discretionary decision granting or refusing public interest standing afforded appellate deference. Chambers judge identified applicable factor in not granting public interest standing to appellants

A decision to grant or refuse public interest standing is a discretionary decision and is afforded appellate deference. The Court of Appeal affirmed…

Harper Grey LLP | Canada | 16 Jul 2019

A residential tenancy branch arbitrator erred in granting an order for possession to a landlord when he failed to adequately address the issue of the landlord’s good faith intentions, and the adequacy of the renovation permits

The Landlord/Appellant, Aarti Investments Ltd., was unsuccessful in attempting to appeal a decision of a Chambers Judge. The Chambers Judge had set…

Harper Grey LLP | Canada | 16 Jul 2019

An individual was granted standing to seek judicial review after his complaint about excessive force was dismissed by the police chief and the law enforcement review board

The Court held that the Applicant, Mr. Kozina, had standing to seek judicial review of a decision made by the Respondent, Alberta Law Enforcement…
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