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ContractWorks | Global | 1 Sep 2020

The Step-by-Step Guide to Conquering Your New Corporate Counsel Role

Changing jobs can be incredibly stressful. Stepping into a new corporate counsel role will likely involve a natural learning curve as you work through…

Lexoo | Global, United Kingdom | 16 Jul 2020

How BAU work blocks legal from being a strategic asset

What makes these things such a challenge for GCs and how are they related? In this post we'll look at some of…

PRO Compliance | Australia, Canada, European Union, etc. | 24 Apr 2020

COVID-19: Key updates for compliance teams

Lexology Pro Compliance takes a look at some of the most informative articles published on Lexology this week for compliance teams to stay up-to-date with challenges brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak, including key guidance from regulators around the world and practical tips to manage business responses to the pandemic.

PRO Compliance | Canada, European Union, Global, etc. | 20 Apr 2020

COVID-19: How to survive the crisis as a GC in the healthcare sector

Global pharmaceutical service provider Mawdsleys is one of the key suppliers of medicine to UK hospitals. Bhavisha Mistry, general counsel and company secretary, shares her experience of advising a company in an industry subject to regulatory change and supply shortages in light of the coronavirus pandemic, and whose employees are classified as key workers.

Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP | USA | 9 Dec 2019

Unlawful Actions May Become Lawful When Negotiations Conclude

In an October Advice Memorandum, the Office of the General Counsel for the NLRB (General Counsel) concluded that a union’s continued actions of…
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Dragana Radojevic | European Union, France, Global | 5 Nov 2019

How the Legal Department Becomes a Business Partner – An Insider’s Guide

The current organization of our legal department has a 25-year history of expertise in international coverage of corporate, consumer finance, data privacy and contractual law, including M&A transactions. After an internal survey of our central legal team based in Paris , legal directors in countries where BNP Paribas Personal Finance operates and other internal stakeholders , majority of...
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Viola Teppati | Global, Switzerland | 5 Nov 2019

Being not Just a General Counsel but also a Commercial Advisor

I am glad to share my experience and the challenges I am facing today, as the general counsel of a pharmaceutical company but not only that. I have been an in-house counsel for more than 18 years and built my experience in many different fields: I started as a practicing lawyer in a law firm specialized in maritime law, then, upon admittance to the Bar, I moved into my first company role as...
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Maria Del Carmen Ordonez-Lopez | Canada, Central & South America, USA | 30 Sep 2019

Consumer Rights as the In-house lawyer’s contribution to Consumer Centricity

Consumer centricity is a business approach that puts the consumer at the center and builds every aspect of a company’s operations (product design, distribution mode, communication strategy, product issue resolution) around the consumers, their real and observed needs, wants and values, to give consumers the best possible experience and increase company growth. However, consumer centricity...
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Marion Hemphill | Australia, Global | 30 Sep 2019

In-House Counsel as Ethical Leaders

Ethical practices, and the need for directors and executives to consider more than a business’ bottom line when making decisions, has been a popular conversation of late. Community expectations of ethical behaviour by businesses and organisations can be seen in the growth of companies introducing Corporate Social Responsibility measures and ethical investment portfolios. Legislators have...

Latin Lawyer | Central & South America, Global | 23 Sep 2019

A privileged position

The concept of legal privilege varies greatly across the world, and while in-house privilege is afforded to corporate counsel across Latin America…
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