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Jones & Co | China | 7 May 2021

China: Non-Competition Clause and Agreement in A Franchise Business

Non-competition terms are very common in franchise agreements due to their importance for Protecting the franchise system’s competitive position on…
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Lexology PRO | Australia, China, European Union, etc. | 4 May 2021

Competition and antitrust: Key compliance updates (21 Apr – 4 May)

A look at international regulator scrutiny on “killer” acquisitions, digital market regulation and the recent antitrust proceedings against Google in Australia.

Cordato Partners | Australia | 2 May 2021

NSW Court of Appeal enforces confidential information and restraint of trade covenants against ex-employee

Devine Real Estate, like many professional service businesses, protected their confidential information and their goodwill with contractual…

Waselius & Wist | Finland | 17 Mar 2021

New rules concerning non-compete obligations in employment contracts

Under the Employment Contracts Act, employers and employees may agree on non-compete obligations only in limited circumstances. However, in practice…
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Lexology PRO | Australia, European Union, Global, etc. | 9 Mar 2021

Competition and antitrust: Key compliance updates (24 Feb – 9 Mar)

A look at the US Competition and Antitrust Law Enforcement Reform Act, new digital market regulations and liability of parent companies for breaches of competition law by subsidiaries.

Boyes Turner LLP | United Kingdom | 18 Feb 2021

Can damages for loss of bargain be recovered on breach of a contract?

In the recent case of YJB Port Ltd v M&A Pharmachem Ltd and CD Medical Ltd [2021] EWHC 42 (Ch), the High Court had to consider whether a claim for…
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Bank of Albania | European Union, Global | 2 Feb 2021

Analysing Ethics and Legal Enforceability in Employee Noncompete Agreements in EU Legislation

Noncompete agreements are recently being used in a range of businesses. From engineering firms to companies and businesses of all sorts are pushing new hires to sign noncompete agreements that legally restrict them from working for other potential competitors. The proposed paper would attempt to argue that although putting employment restrictions on an executive or entrepreneur, who is likely......
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PRO Compliance | Canada, European Union, Global, etc. | 19 Jan 2021

Competition and antitrust: Key updates for compliance teams (12 - 19 Jan)

A comparison of in-coming digital market regulations, tips on updating US antitrust compliance programmes, and new global comparison tools for merger control regulations are among this week’s key competition and antitrust updates.

Lewis Silkin | United Kingdom | 16 Dec 2020

Government consultation on reform of non-compete clauses underway

The government recently launched a consultation on reforming the law concerning post-termination non-compete clauses in employment contracts. Its…

Gowling WLG | European Union, United Kingdom, USA | 4 Dec 2020

‘Non competes’ - Deja vu all over again

Compare and contrast the following statements, each made under the auspices of the Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise, Innovation and Science…
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