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Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | European Union, France | 22 Jul 2021

Orange and SFR settle French follow-on claim

Orange and its rival SFR have settled a follow-on damages dispute in France after the country’s antitrust authority fined the former €350 million in 2015 for discriminatory practices in the mobile and fixed-line telecommunications markets.
Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | Australia | 22 Jul 2021

ACCC turns attention to Amazon, eBay and others

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has launched an inquiry into online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Kogan and as part of its examination of digital platform services.
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Lexology PRO | South Africa | 21 Jul 2021

South Africa grants supplier exemptions after civil unrest

South Africa’s government has exempted essential goods suppliers from certain competition rules restricting collaboration and information exchange after a series of riots disrupted supply chains throughout the country.
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Lexology PRO | New Zealand | 21 Jul 2021

New Zealand’s enforcer goes after Google Ads agreements

New Zealand’s antitrust authority is seeking a declaration from the High Court that a consumer loan company violated the country’s anti-cartel rules by allegedly agreeing with rivals not to appear in each other’s Google search results.
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Lexology PRO | United Kingdom | 20 Jul 2021

UK government proposes major overhaul of competition rules

The UK government has released a slew of proposals intended to beef up the country’s competition regime, including a revamp of existing market investigation powers and a new status quo whereby the executive could intervene more readily in steering competition policy.
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Lexology PRO | Canada | 20 Jul 2021

Canadian enforcer’s interim relief powers scrutinised during merger challenge

Canada’s Competition Bureau cannot seek the unwinding of a merger as a form of interim relief, an industrial waste disposal company has argued as it attempts to fend off the enforcer’s challenge to its already-completed purchase of a rival.
Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | United Kingdom | 20 Jul 2021

FCA study contradicts CMA price parity decision, CompareTheMarket says

A market study by the UK’s financial services regulator undermines the theory of harm relied on by the country’s antitrust enforcer when it fined CompareTheMarket for using apparently anticompetitive price parity clauses, the company has told the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal.
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Lexology PRO | Australia | 19 Jul 2021

Australian bank accused of boycott with “extremist organisation”

A trade association that represents the Australian red meat industry has complained to the country’s competition authority that Bank Australia and an animal protection organisation have banded together to refuse financial services to red meat and livestock companies.
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Lexology PRO | European Union, Italy, Netherlands, etc. | 19 Jul 2021

Dutch enforcer issues first excessive pricing fine

The Dutch competition authority has fined Leadiant Biosciences €17.9 million for charging excessively high prices for a drug used to treat a rare genetic metabolic disorder, marking the first time it has ever imposed a penalty for such an infringement.
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Lexology PRO | Belgium, European Union, Spain | 16 Jul 2021

ECJ clarifies jurisdiction in Spanish trucks cartel damages claim

The European Court of Justice has confirmed that a specific court in Spain should hear a follow-on claim against Volvo for damages that arose from the trucks cartel, after clarifying EU rules on international and territorial jurisdiction.
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