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Lexology PRO | Asia-Pacific, Canada, European Union, etc. | 31 May 2023

What should be in a corporate climate strategy?

Companies are under pressure to deliver impactful climate strategies, but what can really win over both shareholders and stakeholders?
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Lexology PRO | Global, United Kingdom, USA | 24 May 2023

How can companies reduce the risk of ESG-related shareholder activism?

What is driving the recent influx of ESG-related shareholder activism and how can companies respond?
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Lexology PRO | European Union, France, Global, etc. | 6 Mar 2023

Russia-Ukraine conflict: why energy regulation is not working

Energy companies are reporting record annual profits from 2022, despite European regulators imposing windfall taxes, price caps and new consumer protections. What is going wrong?
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Lexology PRO | Asia-Pacific, Central & South America, European Union, etc. | 6 Jan 2023

ESG: top priorities for in-house teams in 2023

Widening access to the sustainable finance market, restrictions on “forever chemicals” in products, and the rise of “socialwashing” activism are some of the key issues that companies should be focusing on in the coming year.
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Lexology PRO | Greece, Spain | 14 Dec 2022

Spain raids major oil companies

Spain’s competition enforcer has raided BP, Repsol and Cepsa over alleged anticompetitive conduct, while Greece’s Competition Commission has raided an unnamed business as part of its probe into a suspected toy cartel.
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Lexology PRO | Asia-Pacific, Australia, Global, etc. | 21 Oct 2022

ESG: key updates and developments (7 – 20 Oct)

The ISSB standards will include Scope 3 emissions reporting, the UK ASA bans HSBC adverts over greenwashing, and Australia and Singapore sign a green economy agreement – plus other key updates.
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AKD | Netherlands | 13 Sep 2022

Determining applicable law in light of VEB v BP

Establishing international jurisdiction in the event of investor damage due to misleading information has been the subject of many proceedings in recent years. The most outstanding case in this regard is the European Court of Justice's (ECJ's) judgment in The Dutch Shareholders Association (VEB) v British Petroleum (BP). The Amsterdam District Court recently ruled that the ECJ ruling can......
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Lexology PRO | Asia-Pacific, Brazil, China, etc. | 28 Sep 2021

Supply chain crisis: business continuity tips amid supply shortages

A look at China’s shipping crisis, the UK fuel shortage and the global energy crunch, and what they can teach businesses on strengthening business continuity and supply chains alike.
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Lexology PRO | New Zealand | 11 Aug 2021

New Zealand launches new regulatory regime to promote fuel competition

New Zealand has implemented new regulation to stimulate competition in the country’s fuel market, after a market study in 2019 found that the sector should be more competitive.
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Control Risks | Mexico | 25 Jul 2018

Compliance in Mexico’s rapidly transforming energy sector

Observing Effective Controls In Mexico's Rapidly Transforming Energy Sector For decades, the most relevant compliance legislation for international…
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