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Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | European Union | 6 May 2021

EU to update horizontal block exemption rules

The European Commission is considering how to revise its horizontal block exemption rules after concluding that they do not give proper guidance on agreements in digital markets or on sustainability collaborations.
Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | European Union | 28 Apr 2021

EU levies fines against bond trading cartel

The European Commission has fined Bank of America, Credit Suisse and Crédit Agricole a total of €28.4 million for exchanging information and coordinating prices for SSA bonds, although Deutsche Bank escaped a €21.5 million fine as the leniency-applicant.
Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | Switzerland | 26 Apr 2021

Top Swiss court rules that recommended retail prices are anticompetitive

Switzerland’s highest court has ruled that Pfizer’s recommended price-lists for an erectile dysfunction drug restricted competition, in a decision that local competition lawyers say creates uncertainty about the legality of recommended resale prices.
Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | Austria, European Union | 23 Apr 2021

Austria issues more charges in “biggest ever” cartel probe

Austria’s Federal Competition Authority has filed charges against seven subsidiaries of a national construction company as part of its largest-ever cartel investigation.
Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | United Kingdom | 19 Apr 2021

CAT rejects instrument maker's appeal against RPM fine

The UK's specialist competition tribunal has dismissed a musical instrument maker's appeal against a resale price maintenance fine that it agreed to pay as part of a settlement with the country’s antitrust enforcer, while upping the penalty because of the appeal.
Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | European Union | 16 Apr 2021

ECJ rejects food packaging cartel appeal

The European Court of Justice has rejected Italmobiliare's appeal against a €35.9 million fine for its subsidiary's involvement in three food packaging tray cartels, concluding that it held a decisive influence over the company.
Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | European Union | 15 Apr 2021

Antitrust liability should extend “downwards”, advocate general says

Subsidiaries may be held liable for the anticompetitive conduct of their parent companies, an EU advocate general has said in an opinion considering whether Mercedes Benz Trucks España should pay damages for Daimler’s role in the EU trucks cartel.
Analysis PRO In-house

PRO Compliance | European Union, Romania | 9 Apr 2021

Romania probes Samsung and key retailers for RPM

Romania’s Competition Council has raided the local Samsung subsidiary alongside the country’s top electronics retailers as it probes potential resale price maintenance agreements.
Analysis PRO

Lexology PRO | Canada, China, European Union, etc. | 6 Apr 2021

Competition and antitrust: Key compliance updates (25 Mar – 9 Apr)

A look at New Zealand’s criminalisation of cartel offence, Japan’s new digital markets Act and new EU merger control guidance.
Analysis PRO In-house

PRO Compliance | European Union, United Kingdom | 19 Mar 2021

UK ro-ro class action claim listed for November

The UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal has delayed a class certification hearing relating to the EU roll-on roll-off shipping cartel to November over concerns that listing it earlier would leave some defendant counsel unable to attend.
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