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Lennox Paton | Bahamas | 1 Apr 2021

Homeowners Protection Act - time to revisit

The Homeowners Protection Act was designed to provide meaningful protection to homeowners by ensuring a true and proper discourse between borrowers…

Bowditch & Dewey LLP | USA | 23 Mar 2021

Love it or List it: What to do with the marital home in case of divorce

Depending on the size of any existing mortgage, the equity in the marital home often represents a significant portion of the marital estate, however…

Duane Morris LLP | USA | 13 Mar 2021



Duane Morris LLP | USA | 24 Feb 2021

New York Court of Appeals Issues Landmark Decision Clarifying Statute of Limitations Issues in Foreclosures, with Profound Implications for the Mortgage Industry

The Court of Appeals’ new rules should make these kinds of factual inquiries irrelevant in those cases where acceleration is…

McKool Smith | USA | 23 Feb 2021

NY Appellate Division Rules in Favor of Mortgage Company in Long-standing Dispute Over Purchasing Agreement

The New York Appellate Division, First Department earlier this week held that Nationstar Mortgage LLC was indeed entitled to indemnification for…

Mayer Brown | USA | 29 Dec 2020

State Prudential Standards for Mortgage Servicers: “Ahead of the Curve” or “Dead Man’s Curve”?

I was only 9 years old when Jan and Dean in 1963 released their hit song “Dead Man’s Curve.” I thought about this song when I read the Conference of…

Bilzin Sumberg | USA | 17 Dec 2020

Still Litigating the 2007-08 Financial Crisis: The Claims Keep Coming

One would think that, as we approach 2021, litigation related to residential mortgage loans originated and sold well over a decade ago would be…

Taylor McCaffrey LLP | Canada | 3 Dec 2020

Forbearance and Multi-Purpose Mortgages in Mortgage Sale and Foreclosure Proceedings

Many factors can cause a mortgagor to default on a mortgage: loss of income, marital issues, a failed or struggling business, insolvency, illness, or…

Beauchamps | Ireland | 30 Nov 2020

High Court considers proofs for enforcing equitable mortgage

A recent High Court decision on the proofs needed for the enforcement of an equitable mortgage demonstrates that evidence as to the creation of an…

Buckley LLP | USA | 2 Oct 2020

FFIEC adopts revised interagency examination procedures for TILA

On September 30, On September 30, the OCC issued Bulletin 2020-84 announcing the Task Force on Consumer Compliance of the Federal Financial…
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