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Lexology PRO | Canada, Ukraine, United Kingdom, etc. | 15 Aug 2022

Employment: key updates and developments (9 – 15 Aug)

A US court upholds mandatory arbitration for gig economy drivers on wage and hour issues and Ukraine introduces “on-call” and zero-hour contracts – plus other key updates.
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Ogier | Jersey | 28 Apr 2022

Zero-hours contracts proposal approved in Jersey – exclusivity to become unenforceable

Earlier this year, Social Security Minister Deputy Judy Martin lodged a proposition that would prevent employers from requiring zero-hours-contract employees to work exclusively for their business. This proposition was in response to a States Assembly decision in 2021 that exclusivity clauses in zero-hours contracts should be banned. The amendment to the Employment Law has now been approved......
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Mason Hayes & Curran LLP | Ireland | 15 Feb 2019

Employment and Benefits Update: Significant Changes for the Use of Flexible Staff in the Workforce from March 2019

The Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2018 (“the 2018 Act”) was heralded as delivering on the Irish Government’s commitment to strengthen…

Matheson | Ireland | 1 Feb 2019

Episode 38: Five Key Irish Employment Law Themes for 2019

In this episode of the Matheson Employment Law Podcast Series, Bryan Dunne is joined by four other partners from the Employment, Pensions and Benefits…
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Constantine Law Ltd | United Kingdom | 26 Oct 2018

Can an employee on a zero-hours contract be an agency worker if their position is temporary rather than permanent?

In Brooknight Guarding Limited v Matei, the Employment Appeal Tribunal held that a security guard employed on a zero-hours contract was not a…
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Stewarts | European Union, United Kingdom | 12 Oct 2018

Mental health in the workplace - at the front of employers’ minds?

Employment solicitor Joseph Lappin speaks to Lexis Nexis about mental health in the workplace and the duty employers have to their employees around…
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Gowling WLG | United Kingdom | 25 Sep 2018

Zero-hours contract workers, their rights and holiday pay

The treatment of zero-hours workers, often considered to be vulnerable and at risk of exploitation because of poor working conditions and practices…
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Boyes Turner LLP | United Kingdom | 4 Sep 2018

Can a worker on a temporary zero hours contract be an agency worker?

Love them or hate them zero hours contracts form an integral part of today’s modern society and are here to stay. Generally, the issue is whether the…
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BPE Solicitors LLP | United Kingdom | 7 Aug 2018

Zero hour workers entitled to suspension pay even if they find a new job

An employer should pay an employee during a Disciplinary suspension unless it has a clear contractual right to suspend without pay. If an employee is…
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Irwin Mitchell LLP | United Kingdom | 24 Jul 2018

Can zero hours workers compare contracts with full-time workers?

It is increasingly common for businesses to employ casual staff on zero hours contracts - contracts that do not guarantee any hours of work. Can they…
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