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Lexology PRO | Australia, Canada, European Union, etc. | 6 May 2021

Social media: Key risk management tips for businesses

Tips on managing corporate social media activity and handling the reputational, employment and discrimination risks that can arise.

ALTIUS | Belgium | 29 Apr 2021

Influencers and IP rights: Top 5 most asked practical questions by brands

TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, ... these are all social networks that have sparked the development of a new form of advertising over…

Wiggin LLP | United Kingdom | 23 Apr 2021

DCMS committee launches inquiry to examine influencers' power

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee recently launched an inquiry to examine influencers' power on social media and how…

Hogan Lovells | Germany | 13 Apr 2021

Dealing with social media influencers: Germany

Influencer marketing is a common form of advertising in which companies hire a person, the influencer, to promote their products (Higher District…

LexOrbis | India | 19 Mar 2021

Misleading influencer advertisements under scanner - ASCI issues Draft Guidelines

The last few years have seen an astonishing growth in influencer marketing. Celebrities and Content creators with massive reach on social media…

RNA Technology and IP Attorneys | India | 18 Mar 2021

ASCI asks influencers to use #ad, #collab, #promo, #sponsored & #partnership for content

According to digital marketing agency AdLift, India’s influencer market is estimated at $75-150 million a year, as compared to the global market of $1…

Tay & Partners | Malaysia | 16 Feb 2021

How to Influence Correctly - A Guide to Using Influencer Marketing

“This article aims to guide brand owners in avoiding the pitfalls of influencer marketing, a double-edged sword that either launches businesses to…

Rouse | Global | 25 Jan 2021

An alternate dimension: Virtual influencers

In the first contribution of this series on virtual beings, we examined the impact of virtual idols on the music industry and how companies should…

Chadha & Chadha Intellectual Property Law Firm | India, USA | 7 Dec 2020

Amazon Sues Social Media Influencers for Promoting Counterfeit Goods

Social media has become the most important marketing tool of the 21st century and has Revolutionised the entire system of buying and selling goods…

Novagraaf | Global | 30 Nov 2020

The risks and rewards of influencer marketing

With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis providing added incentive, consumers are increasingly turning to digital channels to access products and services…
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