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Anthony Gold | United Kingdom | 24 Apr 2020

COVID-19 Update: Still no change to the law in relation to signing your Will in lockdown

There has, over the last few weeks, been much discussion surrounding the problem of executing Wills in lockdown. The current law, which is over 180…

Anthony Gold | United Kingdom | 23 Apr 2020

What is the difference between Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration?

When you pass away your assets (such as property, bank accounts, investments, shares and personal chattels) make up your “Estate”. Depending on the…

Kingsley Napley | United Kingdom | 23 Apr 2020

Will COVID-19 prompt changes to Will legislation?

There has been an increase in the number of clients wanting to write new, or update existing, Wills or Lasting Powers of Attorney while either…

Kingsley Napley | United Kingdom | 14 Apr 2020

No Will - No Worries?

These anxious times have caused many of us to reflect on the need to make or review our Will. I, myself, double checked recently that my own Will was…

Ogier | Jersey | 9 Apr 2020

Jersey Probate: COVID-19 and the requirement for a person to appear in the Royal Court

One of a few quirks of Probate (Jersey) Law 1998 is that the personal representative (PR) of a foreign-domiciled deceased person's estate is required…

Kingsley Napley | United Kingdom | 3 Apr 2020

Challenging Testamentary Capacity - Lord Templeman’s last Will

The case of Goss-Custard v Templeman & Ors involved a dispute as to whether Lord Templeman, a former judge, had testamentary capacity when his last…

McCabe Curwood | Australia | 10 Oct 2019

De facto partners and the law of intestacy - it’s all about the facts

Last week the Supreme Court of New South Wales handed down judgment in an estate dispute where it applied the law of intestacy to a complex factual…

Gonsalves-Sabola Chambers | Bahamas | 4 Apr 2019

Don’t Think You Need an Estate Plan? Why to Make One Now

Many people believe that they do not need estate plans, but often they actually should do some estate planning now. Estate planning can help you…

Asters | Ukraine | 7 Feb 2019

How to deal with Ukrainian heirs and stay out of trouble: the guide for foreign banks

Wealthy Ukrainians prefer to keep their savings in foreign banks. Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein are especially popular. Regardless of…

Baddauy Advogados | Brazil | 12 Dec 2018

STJ garante partilha equânime de cota testamentária aos herdeiros legítimos

A sucessão testamentária constitui reflexo direto da autonomia da vontade, na medida em que possibilita, em vida, que a pessoa…
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