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Green and Spiegel | USA | 21 Apr 2021

DHS Has Announced an Additional 22,000 Visas for the H-2B Visa Program

After considerable pressure from small business owners and H-2B industry supporters, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has agreed to release an…

Green and Spiegel | Mexico, USA | 5 Feb 2021

President Joe Biden Rolls Back Several Trump-Era Immigration Policies

President Joe Biden wasted no time when, on February 2nd, just two weeks after taking office, he followed through on some of his campaign promises…

Green and Spiegel | USA | 17 Sep 2020

Appeals Court Rules Trump Administration Can End Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

The United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled Monday that President Trump can put an end to Temporary Protected Status (TPS)…

Green and Spiegel | Canada | 22 Jul 2020

Express Entry Draw 156 - Provincial Nominee Class

Today, July 22nd, 2020, the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced an Express Entry draw for candidates involved…

Green and Spiegel | USA | 7 Jul 2020

Sevp modifies temporary exemptions for international students taking online courses during the fall 2020 semester

On Monday, July 6th the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) announced that it has implemented modifications to temporary exemptions for…

IAM | Global | 9 Jan 2020

IAM Global Leaders 2020: Peter Sande

As with litigation in general, a comprehensive knowledge of procedural law is of course crucial. Further, to succeed as a patent litigator in Europe…

IAM | USA | 9 Jan 2020

IAM Global Leaders 2020: Garrard R Beeney

It was more that the career chose me. As a Young lawyer I did a fair amount of competition law…

IAM | Colombia, USA | 9 Jan 2020

IAM Global Leaders 2020: Carlos Olarte

The first driver behind my decision was a desire for greater independence to develop a more patent-centric practice that would not be distracted by…

IAM | Mexico | 9 Jan 2020

IAM Global Leaders 2020: Héctor Elías Chagoya

I had the opportunity to start a career as a technical assistant in one of the best IP firms in Mexico 22 years ago. At the beginning it was just…

IAM | USA | 9 Jan 2020

IAM Global Leaders 2020: Andre Marais

Top ranked patent lawyers should have deep client empathy, outstanding communication skills, an ability to quickly grasp complex technology and…
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