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CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP | Global, Latvia, United Arab Emirates, etc. | 7 Aug 2020

Treaty claims for cancelled or modified infrastructure projects in the wake of Covid-19

A recent ICSID tribunal has denied an investor’s claim concerning the development of an airport project in Latvia. The investor was unable to proceed…

SORAINEN | Belarus, Estonia, European Union, etc. | 3 Aug 2020

Latest intellectual property highlights in Baltics and Belarus

Our team share another piece of Intellectual Property (IP) news in the Belarus-Baltics region telling about curious cases, news in legislation, and…

SORAINEN | Latvia | 1 Aug 2020

Litigation and enforcement in Latvia

The general limitation period for civil claims is ten years as set out in Article 1895 of the Civil Law (CL). The limitation period begins from the…

CrimeLine | European Union, France, Latvia, etc. | 31 Jul 2020

Prison Conditions Update - July 2020

Over the last month, the High Court (sitting as a Divisional Court) has promulgated three judgments relating to conditions of imprisonment in France…

SORAINEN | Latvia | 11 Jun 2020

Remote health services in Latvia: room for more services and opening e-pharmacies to prescription medicines

While the main challenge to the healthcare system has recently been COVID-19, this does not mean that other healthcare challenges have ceased to exist…

SORAINEN | Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, etc. | 29 May 2020

Link between diversity in leadership and successful crisis management

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us all a chance to observe an experiment in leadership on an unprecedented scale. From governments to businesses - in…

SORAINEN | Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania | 27 May 2020

Latest employment-related developments in the region

The state of emergency started on 12 March 2020 and ended on 8 May 2020; the restrictions imposed during the emergency are being gradually eased. So…

SORAINEN | Latvia | 14 May 2020

News from the Latvian courts

Let’s start from the end. On 30 April, the Senate came to a full stop, or at least a serious exclamation mark in a complicated saga involving real…

SORAINEN | Latvia | 14 May 2020

Amendments to Latvian tax laws

On 20 April, we gave an account of some fresh Cabinet Regulations (No 210 of 14.04.2020) on our Facebook tax page in relation to introduction of the…

SORAINEN | Latvia | 14 May 2020

Latvia: On most recent rulings

SRS ruling (No 10-10/4612) has been published regarding coffee capsules obtained as a result of a company transfer. The Applicant’s economic…
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