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The Corporate Immigration Review

Editor: Chris Magrath

Magrath LLP

The year 2020 will of course go down in history as one of the most unusual and difficult years the world has faced in modern times. As we prepared this 10th edition of The Corporate Immigration Review, most of the world’s immigration systems had ceased functioning with any semblance of normality. All over the world, government policies and national strategies have been upended by the threat of covid-19. As we celebrate the 10th edition, we hope the 11th will be produced in the context of a greatly revitalised world.

In-depth PRO

Bayat Legal Services | Antigua | 27 May 2020

The Corporate Immigration Review: Antigua


CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP | Africa, Antigua, Bahamas, etc. | 27 Nov 2019

Investment arbitration and construction contracts: jurisdiction over ancillary agreements and EDF funded projects

A recent ICSID tribunal has upheld jurisdiction over a dispute concerning an alleged settlement agreement arising from contractor claims on a major…

Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates | Antigua, Cyprus, Dominica, etc. | 26 Mar 2019

Residency and Citizenship Programmes: 2018 in Review - A look at investment programmes across Europe and the Caribbean

As the world has become more interconnected, interest in global immigration is steadily increasing and individuals throughout the world are interested…

Baker McKenzie | Antigua, USA | 27 Mar 2017

Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. Subject Matter Jurisdiction. Fifth Circuit determines Antigua not subject to U.S. court jurisdiction under Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act in Stanford Ponzi scheme cases.

The Commonwealth of Antigua and Barbuda ("Antigua") successfully appealed a district court ruling that under certain exceptions to the Foreign…

Duane Morris LLP | Antigua, Portugal, USA | 5 Sep 2014

This week in internet gaming (week of Sept. 1-5)

Here is the weekly recap of the top legal news in the internet gaming world for the week of Sept. 1-5: New Portuguese Internet gaming law to be…

Arent Fox LLP | Antigua, USA | 11 Nov 2013

Pirates of the Caribbean: trade dispute with Antigua & Barbuda threatens US copyright holders

Antigua & Barbuda is nearing an all-out war with US copyright holders after a ten-year trade dispute with the United States government. The tiny…

Mossack Fonseca & Co | Antigua, Belgium | 26 Jun 2013

Belgium OKs TIEA with Antigua and Barbuda

The Belgian Council of Ministers has approved a tax information exchange agreement (TIEA) with Antigua and Barbuda. The agreement allows for the…

Arent Fox LLP | Antigua, USA | 1 Mar 2013

Pirates of the Caribbean: Antigua may risk US IP rights in fight over internet gambling

Intellectual property may no longer be safe in Antigua if the Caribbean island is unable to reach an amicable agreement with the United States over…

Steptoe & Johnson LLP | Antigua, USA | 14 Feb 2013

WTO authorizes IP piracy by Antigua

In the old days, governments could issue "letters of marque" authorizing privateers to capture enemy vessels and keep some of the booty. (Heck, the U…
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