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Amereller | Iraq, Turkey | 22 May 2023

ICC arbitration tribunal finally issues ruling in the Iraq-Turkey pipeline dispute - what it means for Iraq and the Kurdistan Region

Iraq initiated arbitration proceedings against Turkey in 2014 following the loading of the first tanker in the Turkish port of Ceyhan with Kurdish oil…

Gas Regulation

Editors: David Tennant and Adam Brown


Quick reference guide enabling side-by-side comparison of local insights, including into the domestic gas market, government policy and regulatory authorities; regulation of natural gas and unconventional gas production; regulation of natural gas pipeline transportation and storage, distribution, sales and trading; LNG regulation; mergers and competition, including price restrictions; international considerations, including foreign participation, treaties and other multinational agreements, and cross-border sales and deliveries; transactions between affiliates; and recent trends. 

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Al Hadeel Al Hasan Law | Iraq | 28 Feb 2023

Gas Regulation in Iraq

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Hall & Wilcox | Australia, Iraq | 29 Aug 2022

CIMIC Iraq Bribery claims: insurers demonstrate prejudice caused by non-disclosure

The New South Wales Supreme Court recently handed down the mammoth decision of CIMIC Group Limited v AIG Group Limited [2022] NSWSC 999, which…
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DWF LLP | Iraq | 10 Aug 2022

Iraqi Ministry of Oil threatens to blacklist International Oil Companies and service providers working in Kurdistan

In this article Slava Kiryushin and Joshua Coleman-Pecha report on Instruction handed down by the Iraqi Ministry of Oil and Supreme Advisory…


Editors: Robert S Peckar and Michael S Zicherman

Peckar & Abramson PC

Quick reference guide enabling side-by-side comparison of local insights on foreign entry into the local market; licensing procedures; competition and bribery considerations; contract and insurance matters (including PPP and PFI; joint ventures; tort claims and indemnity); labour and closure of operations; rights to payment; force majeure and acts of God; dispute resolution mechanisms; environmental law; applicable investment treaties, tax treaties, currency controls, and revenue, profit and investment removal controls; and recent trends.

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Al Hadeel Al Hasan Law | Iraq | 30 Jun 2022

Construction in Iraq

Analysis PRO
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Lexology PRO | Asia-Pacific, Australia, Canada, etc. | 11 Apr 2022

Employment: key updates and developments (5 – 11 Apr)

UK immigration routes open to fill labour shortages, the Californian board diversity bill is considered unconstitutional by a court, and Hong Kong expands its employment support scheme – plus other key updates.
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