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Arias | Guatemala | 1 Jun 2020

Guatemala: extension and amendments of the presidential provisions in the event of public calamity and orders for strict compliance

Today, June 1, 2020, the Extension and Amendments of the Presidential Provisions in the event of Public Calamity and Orders for Strict Compliance…


Editor: Louis E. Fogel

Jenner & Block LLP

A guide to patent litigation and patent office procedures across the world, produced by local specialists: types of enforcement proceedings, trial format and timing, standing to sue, standards of proof, inducement/contributory infringement, infringement by foreign activities and by equivalents, discovery, litigation timetable and costs, appeals, alternative dispute resolution, absolute novelty, obviousness or inventiveness, patent unenforceability, voluntary and compulsory licensing, patenting timetable and costs and patent office appeals and opposition and patent duration and modification.


Mayora IP SA | Guatemala | 29 May 2020

Patents in Guatemala


Consortium Legal | Guatemala | 24 May 2020

Guatemala: La ley de insolvencia en Guatemala, una herramienta necesaria para paliar los efectos económicos negativos del COVID-19

La actual pandemia Covid-19 afecta la economía a nivel mundial, y los países de la región centroamericana no son la excepción. En los últimos meses…

Consortium Legal | Guatemala | 24 May 2020

Guatemala: Insolvency law in Guatemala: a necessary tool to alleviate the negative economic effects of COVID-19

The current Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the economy worldwide, and the countries of the Central American region are no exception. In recent months…

Thompson Hine LLP | Australia, Belgium, Brazil, etc. | 22 May 2020

Updated Country Guide: Government Measures in Response to COVID-19

Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB): With effect from March 29, 2020, The following changes have been made To the FIRB framework:…

Consortium Legal | Guatemala | 19 May 2020

Guatemala: La importancia de la política fiscal como medida para enfrentar la crisis económica causada por el COVID-19

“No hay nada cierto, salvo la muerte y los impuestos”, esta frase del siglo XVIII de Benjamín Franklin continúa siendo válida hasta…

Arias | Guatemala | 18 May 2020


Se derogan las disposiciones presidenciales del 12 de abril y posteriores las que son aplicables hasta el 14 de mayo de 2020 a las 24:00. 1…

Latin Lawyer | Central & South America, Costa Rica, El Salvador, etc. | 18 May 2020

Could Central America benefit from a unified front against covid-19?

Governments in Central America - a region historically plagued by crime and social unrest - have produced varying responses to the covid-19 pandemic…

Consortium Legal | Guatemala | 17 May 2020

Guatemala´s 2020 Sovereign Bond Issuance

Consortium - Legal (Guatemala) acted as Local Counsel for BofA Securities, Inc. as Global Coordinator, Sole Bookrunner and Social Bond Structuring…
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