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SORAINEN | Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, etc. | 29 May 2020

Link between diversity in leadership and successful crisis management

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us all a chance to observe an experiment in leadership on an unprecedented scale. From governments to businesses - in…

SORAINEN | Estonia | 15 May 2020

Remote attestation of notarial acts allowed in Estonia

As of 6 April 2020 it is possible to attest notarial acts remotely via digitised notarial services (remote attestation), which was initially planned…

SORAINEN | Estonia | 12 May 2020

Updated rules for declaring ultimate beneficiary owners in Estonia

An Estonian company’s management board must notify the Commercial Register of its ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) within 30 days of any change and…

SORAINEN | Estonia | 12 May 2020

Estonia: When things get tough. How to deal with debt and liquidity issues?

Many companies will likely be forced to deal with debts and liquidity issues - one must act smart and promptly to keep the problems from snowballing…

SORAINEN | Estonia | 12 May 2020

Estonian corporate update: participation and voting at virtual meetings becomes widely available

The crisis has forced lawmakers to act promptly and introduce a wide array of new electronic options for companies to organise their business. While…

SORAINEN | Estonia | 12 May 2020

Remote notary services allowed in Estonia

As of 6 April 2020 notarial acts can be attested remotely via digitised notary services, in addition to the traditional format of the parties being…

SORAINEN | Estonia | 9 May 2020

COVID-19 related financial measures in Estonia

All three Baltic governments have set in place financial measures to help companies out of the crisis. The Estonian government adopted a short-term…

SORAINEN | Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania | 7 May 2020

Construction firms face unexpected risk from border closures

The work stoppage due to the raging pandemic in Europe has created tax risks for Baltic construction companies active abroad because their commercial…

SORAINEN | Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, etc. | 7 May 2020

Transfer pricing in an era of pandemic: Messy times present opportunities

The current crisis presents opportunities in the field of taxation and transfer pricing. Companies need to decide how to manage their intra-group…

SORAINEN | Estonia | 23 Apr 2020

Draft law on digital meetings discussed in Riigikogu

The Estonian parliament (Riigikogu) began processing a draft law submitted by the Ministry of Justice which allows the governing bodies of all…
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