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Ius Laboris | Denmark | 1 Jun 2020

Higher-risk employees entitled to sickness benefit under new Danish rules

The Danish Parliament recently adopted a bill to amend the Sickness Benefits Act allowing employees who are at higher risk in the event of infection…

Norrbom Vinding | Denmark | 29 May 2020

Labour & Employment in Denmark


Gorrissen Federspiel | Denmark | 29 May 2020

State Aid in Denmark


State Aid

Editor: Ulrich Soltész

Gleiss Lutz

State Aid aims to explain the effect of EU legislation and regulation surrounding state aid law in major European jurisdictions, providing readers with up-to-the-minute insight on the strategic considerations and best practices for successful state aid applications and competitions. Topics include: national legislation implementing European state aid rules, approval and disapproval rules for state aid programmes, information regarding the relevant bodies granting aid and receiving aid applications, national authorities monitoring and enforcing compliance, dispute resolution surrounding illegal and incompatible aid, and much more.


Labour & Employment

Editors: Walter Ahrens, Matthew Howse, Mark E. Zelek, Sabine Smith-Vidal, K. Lesli Ligorner

Morgan Lewis

Understand the maze of employment laws needed to deal with a global workforce with this edition, covering areas such as: legislation and agencies, worker representation, background information on applicants, terms of employment, foreign workers, liability of acts of employees, taxation of employees, employee-created IP, termination of employment and dispute resolution.


Accura Advokatpartnerselskab | Denmark | 29 May 2020

Patents in Denmark



Editor: Louis E. Fogel

Jenner & Block LLP

A guide to patent litigation and patent office procedures across the world, produced by local specialists: types of enforcement proceedings, trial format and timing, standing to sue, standards of proof, inducement/contributory infringement, infringement by foreign activities and by equivalents, discovery, litigation timetable and costs, appeals, alternative dispute resolution, absolute novelty, obviousness or inventiveness, patent unenforceability, voluntary and compulsory licensing, patenting timetable and costs and patent office appeals and opposition and patent duration and modification.


AWA | Denmark | 28 May 2020

Danish outerwear brand Rains wins court battle against Zara

This case concerns whether three raincoats produced and marketed by Zara infringed on two raincoats from Rains, the Long Jacket and Parka Coat, under…

Norrbom Vinding | Denmark | 27 May 2020

COVID-19: political agreements on expansion and extension of economic stimulus packages and new measures

The government and Parliament recently made a series of political agreements to expand and extend the current economic stimulus packages regarding…

Bird & Bird LLP | Denmark | 20 May 2020

First-ever referral of merger from the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority to the Commission

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority ("DCCA") has for the first time ever requested a referral of a merger to the European Commission under…
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