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IAM | Austria, Belgium, Central & Eastern Europe, etc. | 28 Mar 2023

IPBC Europe 2023


World Trademark Review | Austria, Belgium, Central & Eastern Europe, etc. | 14 Sep 2022

WTR Live: Brand Protection Online Europe 2022


Dispute Resolution

Editors: Martin Davies and Alanna Andrew

Latham & Watkins LLP

Quick reference guide enabling side-by-side comparison of local insights into litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) worldwide, including court systems; judges and juries; limitation issues; pre-action behaviour, starting proceedings and timetable for proceedings; case management; evidence; remedies; enforcement; public access; costs; funding arrangements; insurance; class action; appeals; foreign judgments and proceedings; the role of the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration; choice of arbitrator; arbitration agreements and arbitral procedure; court interventions in arbitrations; awards; types of ADR; requirements for ADR; other interesting local features; and recent trends.

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AG Erotocritou LLC | Cyprus | 19 May 2022

Dispute Resolution in Cyprus

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Macfarlanes LLP | Cyprus, European Union, OECD, etc. | 19 May 2022

Unpacking Pillar Two: EU implementation

It might have been thought that EU Member States would be early adopters of the global minimum tax. All, apart from Cyprus, are part of the OECD…
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A G Paphitis & Co | Cyprus | 19 May 2022

Tax residency in Cyprus

The Tax Department of Cyprus recently issued a circular to clarify the tax treatment of physical persons in Cyprus, based on the 60-day rule. The benefits of Cyprus tax residency include that the individual will be exempt in Cyprus from taxation on worldwide dividends and "passive" interest income, and that profits from the sale of securities and shares will be exempt from tax. This article......
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Kinanis LLC | Cyprus | 13 May 2022

Tax on Inbound Investment in Cyprus


Tax on Inbound Investment

Editors: Will Smith and Peter North

White & Case LLP

Quick reference guide enabling side-by-side comparison of local insights into acquisitions (from the buyer’s perspective), post-acquisition restructuring, and disposals (from the seller’s perspective), including stock versus asset/liability transactions; domicile of acquisition company; company mergers and share exchanges; tax benefits of issuing stock as consideration; transaction taxes; treatment of deferred tax assets; interest relief; protections for acquisitions; spin-offs; migration of residence; interest and dividend payments; tax-efficient extraction of profits; methods of disposal including for tax mitigation and deferral purposes; and recent trends.

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AG Erotocritou LLC | Cyprus | 10 May 2022

Recent first-instance judgment confirms that litigation funding is not contrary to public policy in Cyprus

In a litigation first in Cyprus, the District Court of Larnaca has issued a judgment concluding that third-party litigation funding is not contrary to public policy. While the judgment does not create precedent and is, therefore, not binding, it is expected to generate interest, not only because it constitutes the Cyprus courts' first notable step towards recognising the legality of......
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A Karitzis & Associates LLC | Cyprus | 9 May 2022

The Gambling Law Review: Cyprus

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