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Posse Herrera Ruiz | Colombia | 8 Jun 2023

Report Of The Individuals Who Act As Ultimate Beneficial Owners 2023

Colombian legal entities are compelled to report to the Colombian Tax Authority (DIAN) the individuals who act as their ultimate beneficial owners…
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OlarteMoure | Colombia | 8 Jun 2023

Infografía | Contra la piratería y la falsificación

La piratería y la falsificación violan estos derechos al producir, distribuir o vender productos no autorizados, lo que perjudica a los creadores. Al…
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OlarteMoure | Colombia | 7 Jun 2023

Transferencia de tecnología

La innovación Nos está llevando a conquistar nuevas fronteras. Las ciudades y los países están desarrollándose como nunca, y adquirir nuevos…


Editors: Louis E Fogel , Shaun M Van Horn and Paaras J Modi

Jenner & Block LLP

Quick reference guide enabling side-by-side comparison of local insights into patent litigation and patent office procedures, including types of enforcement proceedings; trial format and timing; standards of proof; standing to sue; inducement / contributory infringement; infringement by foreign activities / by equivalents; discovery; litigation timetable and costs; appeals; scope and ownership of patents; alternative dispute resolution; defences of absolute novelty, obviousness, inventiveness or prior use; types of remedy; voluntary and compulsory licensing; patent office proceedings, including timetabling, costs, appeals, opposition, and modification / re-examination of patents; and recent trends.

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Holland & Knight LLP | Colombia | 5 Jun 2023

Conmemoración del Día Internacional del Medio Ambiente en Colombia

Hoy hace 50 años, la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas estableció el 5 de junio como el Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente para destacar la…
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Ojam Bullrich Flanzbaum | Andorra, Argentina, Brazil, etc. | 2 Jun 2023

Ibero-American Personal Data Protection Network authorities coordinate on ChatGPT investigation

The Ibero-American Personal Data Protection Network has announced its first coordinated enforcement action to investigate ChatGPT. The network considers that certain issues relating to personal data remain outstanding, which is a major concern to the regional community. It is expected that more of this kind of supervisory activity will occur as a consequence of the development and penetration......


Editor: Behnam Dayanim

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Quick reference guide enabling side-by-side comparison of local insights into land-based and remote gambling and quasi-gambling activities, including legal definition; age restrictions; penalties; social and non-profit gambling; regulatory authorities; anti-money-laundering regulations; establishment, director, officer and owner licensing; casino development; passive/institutional ownership; responsible gambling; taxes; cross-border and internet gambling; patents; trademarks; advertising; supplier licensing and registration; wage and hour and collective labour issues; change of control and bankruptcy considerations; recent litigation; and recent trends.

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Asensi Abogados | Colombia | 1 Jun 2023

Gaming in Colombia

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