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Shin & Kim | South Korea | 2 Jun 2020

South Korea Set to Launch Corruption Investigation Office for High-Ranking Officials & Its Implications

Despite strong protests by the main opposition party and Conservative groups, on January 14, 2020, the Korean National Assembly passed a…

Lee International IP & Law Group | South Korea | 29 May 2020

Patents in South Korea


Jipyong | South Korea | 29 May 2020

Labour & Employment in South Korea


Labour & Employment

Editors: Walter Ahrens, Matthew Howse, Mark E. Zelek, Sabine Smith-Vidal, K. Lesli Ligorner

Morgan Lewis

Understand the maze of employment laws needed to deal with a global workforce with this edition, covering areas such as: legislation and agencies, worker representation, background information on applicants, terms of employment, foreign workers, liability of acts of employees, taxation of employees, employee-created IP, termination of employment and dispute resolution.



Editor: Louis E. Fogel

Jenner & Block LLP

A guide to patent litigation and patent office procedures across the world, produced by local specialists: types of enforcement proceedings, trial format and timing, standing to sue, standards of proof, inducement/contributory infringement, infringement by foreign activities and by equivalents, discovery, litigation timetable and costs, appeals, alternative dispute resolution, absolute novelty, obviousness or inventiveness, patent unenforceability, voluntary and compulsory licensing, patenting timetable and costs and patent office appeals and opposition and patent duration and modification.


Yoon & Yang LLC | South Korea | 27 May 2020

Brand and reputation management for general counsel in South Korea

That companies with reputable brands have consumer trust implies on its own that these companies run a successful business. These companies can…

Bae, Kim & Lee LLC | South Korea | 25 May 2020

Korea Technology Sector Legal Developments - May 26, 2020

As reported in our separate bulletin, on May 20, 2020 the National Assembly passed amendments of the Telecommunications Business Act (TBA) that will…

NAM & NAM | South Korea | 25 May 2020

Timing of Double Jeopardy Judgement in Patent Trials

Article 163 of the Korean Patent Act (‘Non BIS in idem’) relates to double jeopardy, and provides that no person may demand a re-trial based on the…

Kim & Chang | South Korea | 25 May 2020

New Amendment to Patent Act Will Increase Damages That Can Be Awarded for Infringement

Under Korean patent law, a patentee generally may claim damages according to its lost profits from the infringement, the infringer's profits from the…

Hannuri Law | South Korea | 23 May 2020

Shareholder Activism & Engagement in South Korea

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