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Håmsø Patentbyrå AS | Norway | 29 May 2020

Patents in Norway


Homble Olsby | Littler | Norway | 29 May 2020

Labour & Employment in Norway


Arntzen de Besche Advokatfirma AS | Norway | 29 May 2020

State Aid in Norway


State Aid

Editor: Ulrich Soltész

Gleiss Lutz

State Aid aims to explain the effect of EU legislation and regulation surrounding state aid law in major European jurisdictions, providing readers with up-to-the-minute insight on the strategic considerations and best practices for successful state aid applications and competitions. Topics include: national legislation implementing European state aid rules, approval and disapproval rules for state aid programmes, information regarding the relevant bodies granting aid and receiving aid applications, national authorities monitoring and enforcing compliance, dispute resolution surrounding illegal and incompatible aid, and much more.


Labour & Employment

Editors: Walter Ahrens, Matthew Howse, Mark E. Zelek, Sabine Smith-Vidal, K. Lesli Ligorner

Morgan Lewis

Understand the maze of employment laws needed to deal with a global workforce with this edition, covering areas such as: legislation and agencies, worker representation, background information on applicants, terms of employment, foreign workers, liability of acts of employees, taxation of employees, employee-created IP, termination of employment and dispute resolution.



Editor: Louis E. Fogel

Jenner & Block LLP

A guide to patent litigation and patent office procedures across the world, produced by local specialists: types of enforcement proceedings, trial format and timing, standing to sue, standards of proof, inducement/contributory infringement, infringement by foreign activities and by equivalents, discovery, litigation timetable and costs, appeals, alternative dispute resolution, absolute novelty, obviousness or inventiveness, patent unenforceability, voluntary and compulsory licensing, patenting timetable and costs and patent office appeals and opposition and patent duration and modification.


Brækhus Advokatfirma | Norway | 27 May 2020

Gaming in Norway



Editor: Behnam Dayanim

Paul Hastings LLP

Gaming provides a comprehensive overview of the laws and regulations affecting the gaming and gambling industry worldwide. Written by local experts in key jurisdictions, topics covered include: lawful and unlawful gambling; regulation; licensing criteria for land based and remote gambling; intellectual property and advertising; labour and employment issues concerning casino employees; acquisitions and changes of control; ‘quasi-gambling’ and social gaming; recent significant litigation that involves the gambling or quasi-gambling sectors.


Hausfeld LLP | Norway | 13 May 2020

Children Urge Norway to Block Arctic Oil and Gas Drilling to Protect Their Rights to Life and Health

The Hausfeld law firm, acting on behalf of 14 children including Greta Thunberg who are concerned about climate change, is urging the Norwegian…

Competition Compliance

Editors: Peng Heyue, Chai Zhifeng , Susan Ning

King & Wood Mallesons

As scrutiny from competition authorities intensifies and fines for non-compliance reach record levels, Competition Compliance ensures that you have the legal toolkit necessary to plan, implement and maintain the robust compliance programme organisations need in complex multinational marketplaces. Topics covered include: standards and guidance for compliance programmes; how to demonstrate commitment to competition compliance; risk identification, assessment, mitigation and review; managing risk when dealing with competitors; leniency programmes; market dominance; competition compliance in mergers and acquisitions; investigations; implementing or amending a compliance programme in settlement negotiations; corporate monitorships; and infringement notification duties.

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