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Wardyński & Partners | Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, etc. | 8 Apr 2021

The guide to minimum terms of employment for posted workers 2021 - Wardyński & Partners

We are pleased to present an update to our guide to minimum terms of employment…

Aviation Finance & Leasing

Editor: Mark Bisset

Clyde & Co LLP

Aviation Finance & Leasing provides local insight into the most pressing questions arising from the financing and leasing of aircraft. Written by international experts, Aviation Finance & Leasing covers the latest developments in developed and emerging markets and answers questions relating to: the registration and title transfer of aircraft, mortgages, securities and enforcement of lease terminations, related taxes and international payment restrictions, insurance and reinsurance.


Šulija Partners (Lithuania) | Lithuania | 7 Apr 2021

Aviation Finance & Leasing in Lithuania


SORAINEN | Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, etc. | 22 Mar 2021

Tax Stories Podcast - Episode 4 with Wim Wuyts

Wim Wuyts shares his vision on: how has the tax advice changed since he was a head of tax of a multinational company comparing to now when he is a…

SORAINEN | Belarus, Estonia, Global, etc. | 22 Mar 2021

Comparison of arbitration institutions 2021

For business, dispute resolution is an unnecessary cost that must be avoided as much as possible. Experience shows that parties rarely pay much…

SORAINEN | Belarus, Estonia, European Union, etc. | 15 Mar 2021

Top 10 TMT trends for 2021

2020 was not a usual year, and you may be wondering how it affected the TMT sector in our region - did it slow down it’s development or change any…

SORAINEN | Estonia, European Union, Latvia, etc. | 15 Mar 2021

Changes in the legal landscape for medical devices in the Baltics - MDR/IVDR

On 26 May 2021, the regulatory framework for medical devices will change significantly. Although Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament…

SORAINEN | Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, etc. | 9 Mar 2021

Tax Stories Podcast - Episode 2 with Rita de la Feria

After thinking if I could invite anyone in the world for an interview, Rita de la Feria was on the top of the list. She is among Top50 of the most…

SORAINEN | Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, etc. | 1 Mar 2021

Tax Stories Podcast - Episode 1 with Kärt Anna Maire Kelder

Tax cases and stories from all over the world, explained. Stories about and by businesses, fraudsters, judges, attorneys-at-law, prosecutors…
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