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SORAINEN | Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania | 27 May 2020

Latest employment-related developments in the region

The state of emergency started on 12 March 2020 and ended on 8 May 2020; the restrictions imposed during the emergency are being gradually eased. So…

SORAINEN | Lithuania | 11 May 2020

Lithuania gradually relaxes quarantine restrictions

In Lithuania the quarantine regime continues to be relaxed gradually. We have prepared an overview of the most recent changes to quarantine…

SORAINEN | Lithuania | 11 May 2020

Remote notary services soon in Lithuania?

A proposal that transactions in notarial form can be concluded remotely and signed by electronic signature has been submitted to the Parliament. In…

SORAINEN | Lithuania | 11 May 2020

Remote participation at shareholder meetings and more flexible financial reporting in Lithuania

Under the Law on Companies, a limited liability company may allow shareholders to attend the general meeting of shareholders and to vote by means of…

SORAINEN | Lithuania | 9 May 2020

COVID-19 related amendments to insolvency regulations in Lithuania

Managers must contact creditors in writing and offer to conclude an agreement on support (In Lithuanian: Susitarimas dėl pagalbos) which would…

SORAINEN | Lithuania | 9 May 2020

State guarantees, loans and compensation in Lithuania

In Lithuania, state funds are channelled to support businesses through the Lithuanian state company INVEGA, which has announced a list of measures in…

SORAINEN | Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania | 7 May 2020

Construction firms face unexpected risk from border closures

The work stoppage due to the raging pandemic in Europe has created tax risks for Baltic construction companies active abroad because their commercial…

SORAINEN | Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, etc. | 7 May 2020

Transfer pricing in an era of pandemic: Messy times present opportunities

The current crisis presents opportunities in the field of taxation and transfer pricing. Companies need to decide how to manage their intra-group…

SORAINEN | Lithuania | 6 May 2020

Companies affected by COVID-19 can apply for partial rent compensation

On 3 May 2020 the Lithuanian Ministry of Economy and Innovation approved a state aid scheme for partial rent compensation for businesses most…

Šulija Partners (Lithuania) | Lithuania | 30 Apr 2020

Aviation Finance & Leasing in Lithuania

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