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Arent Fox LLP | USA | 17 Dec 2021

Biden administration unveils long-awaited process to reinstate China product exclusions

The United States Trade Representative recently announced the Biden administration's highly anticipated China trade policy, including a comment request process that will be used to determine whether section 301 product exclusions should be reinstated for certain China-origin products that are currently subject to additional ad valorem tariff rates between 7.5% and 25%. This comment process......
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Arent Fox LLP | European Union, USA | 10 Dec 2021

United States announces new path for steel and aluminium trade with European Union

The Department of Commerce and the Office of the US Trade Representative recently announced an agreement with the European Union to remove the 25% additional tariffs on steel and 10% additional tariffs on aluminium pursuant to section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act 1962, which have been in effect since June 2018. This negotiated agreement was the result of months-long dialogue between the......
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Arent Fox LLP | USA | 19 Nov 2021

Biden puts semiconductor supply chains under microscope

The Biden administration recently took a variety of actions to address the ongoing global semiconductor shortage and the various supply chain disruptions caused by the covid-19 pandemic. This article discusses the measures taken, such as convening a White House meeting with key players in the semiconductor industry, issuing a request for information to the industry on the chip supply chain......
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Arent Fox LLP | USA | 5 Nov 2021

Importers should prepare for more forced labour detentions

US Customs and Border Protection has allocated more enforcement resources by adding a second forced labour investigations branch. Importers should therefore be prepared for increased forced labour actions (including new withhold release orders and product import bans) in connection with products from Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.
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Arent Fox LLP | China, USA | 1 Oct 2021

CBP issues WRO on solar materials made by Chinese companies

Forced labour enforcement continues to escalate, as the US Department of Commerce has restricted exports to five additional Chinese companies. In addition, a withhold release order has been issued that will prohibit the import of products produced in whole or partially from silica produced by Hoshine Silicon Industry Co, Ltd and its subsidiaries. The company has been linked to the largest......
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Arent Fox LLP | USA | 13 Aug 2021

United States signals aggressive approach on forced labour, creating new risks for companies

The passage of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, the issuance of the updated Xinjiang Supply Chain Business Advisory and other recent government actions may indicate that all products produced in whole or partially in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region may soon be banned in the United States. Companies should be aware that this may impact on their ability to fulfil contracts, stock......
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