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Wistrand | Sweden | 16 Mar 2021

Advertising & Marketing in Sweden


Wistrand | Sweden | 3 Mar 2021

Labour Court rules on awarding damages under Trade Secrets Act

Whether an employee can make use of previously attained know-how, knowledge and skills in a new position is largely governed by the Trade Secrets Act…

Wistrand | Sweden | 25 Jan 2021

Insurance Litigation in Sweden

In-depth PRO

Wistrand | Sweden | 24 Jan 2021

The Insurance Disputes Law Review: Sweden


Wistrand | Sweden | 2 Dec 2020

New rules on posting of workers in Sweden

Due to recent changes to the Posting of Workers Act, foreign employers may need to follow Swedish employment conditions for posted employees to a…

Wistrand | Sweden | 6 May 2020

Employer responsibilities and possibilities with respect to COVID-19 outbreak

As in every other part of the world, the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting Swedish society in numerous ways. This article presents a selection of Swedish…

Wistrand | Sweden | 5 May 2020

Can using a litigation company pierce the corporate veil and result in shareholders being held personally liable?

From time to time, the question arises as to whether shareholders or other representatives of a company can pursue litigation by creating a company…

Wistrand | Sweden | 12 Feb 2020

Workplace harassment: employers' responsibilities and dismissal options

Workplace harassment between employees raises questions regarding employers' responsibility to maintain a healthy and sustainable work environment and…

Wistrand | Sweden | 19 Nov 2019

Supreme Court strengthens impression that arbitral awards usually stand despite tribunal's procedural errors

Recent case law confirms that the Swedish courts uphold the general principle that awards finalise a dispute between parties. In order to successfully…

Wistrand | Sweden | 13 Nov 2019

Proposed modernisation of Swedish labour law

The government recently decided to appoint a special investigator to explore the possibilities of modernising some of the basic regulations of Swedish…
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