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Nabarro LLP | United Kingdom | 13 Dec 2016

Litigation procedures and strategies: United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has highly developed court systems, but parties are expected to make reasonable efforts to settle a dispute without the need for…

Nabarro LLP | United Kingdom | 18 Sep 2015

United Kingdom

UK Trademark Law differs in several important respects from the law in other EU member states, despite the implementation by the UK Trademarks Act…

Nabarro LLP | United Kingdom | 11 Mar 2013

Property authorised investment funds (PAIFs) – where are we going?

The Government introduced tax breaks for UK property funds in 2008. It has taken five years for the industry to start responding. Now we are seeing…

Nabarro LLP | United Kingdom | 7 Mar 2013

Employment law update

A number of recent employment law developments are likely to affect the day-to-day working practices of many businesses. They cover a wide range of…

Nabarro LLP | Australia, United Kingdom | 7 Mar 2013

Standard & Poor’s held liable for investor’s loss in Australia

On 5 November 2012 judgment was given by the Federal Court of Australia in favour of 12 local councils, who sought to recover losses suffered after…

Nabarro LLP | European Union | 7 Mar 2013

Are you AIFMD-ready? An update on recent publications

Since the turn of the year, firms’ preparations for the AIFMD have taken off. The European Commission published the level 2 implementing regulation…

Nabarro LLP | United Kingdom | 7 Mar 2013

The end of the FSA. But what can we expect from the new regime?

On 1 April 2013, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) will be abolished and replaced by a new regulatory regime. The Government said when it came to…

Nabarro LLP | United Kingdom | 7 Mar 2013

Procurement and tax: beware your sins will find you out

With effect from 1 April 2013 suppliers tendering for government contracts above the threshold will be required to declare their tax compliance…

Nabarro LLP | United Kingdom | 7 Mar 2013

Healthcare industry barometer 2013

Welcome to the first of our new series of quarterly HealthInvestor Barometers. Designed to capture, throughout the year, market views on the key…

Nabarro LLP | United Kingdom | 6 Mar 2013

Impact of the AIFMD on investment companies

The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) will almost certainly apply to investment entities listed under Chapter 15 of the UKLA’s…
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