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Collas Crill | British Virgin Islands | 11 May 2020

The Financial Technology Law Review: British Virgin Islands

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Collas Crill | Jersey | 11 May 2020

The Financial Technology Law Review: Jersey

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Collas Crill | Cayman Islands | 11 May 2020

The Financial Technology Law Review: Cayman Islands

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Collas Crill | Guernsey | 11 May 2020

The Financial Technology Law Review: Guernsey


Collas Crill | Jersey | 21 Oct 2019

Intermeddling: Could you be facing a fine…or worse?

Intermeddling is an offence under the Probate (Jersey) Law 1998 ('the Probate Law'). Article 23 (1) of the Probate Law provides that if any person…

Collas Crill | European Union, Jersey, United Kingdom | 16 Oct 2019

Brexit and Jersey - what you need to know

As the UK limps towards another deferred Brexit date, businesses in Jersey must still consider how they may be affected by Brexit (if and when it…

Collas Crill | Guernsey | 8 Oct 2019

2020 budget report - a property perspective

Today the Policy & Resources Committee has published the 2020 Budget Report. The key elements from a property perspective are: Introduction of a…

Collas Crill | United Kingdom | 3 Oct 2019

Terminating contracts: a one sided affair?

In this briefing note we review the recent case of de Sousa v Danny Yau Limited t/a Princess Garden [2019] JRC 169, where the Bailiff gave further…

Collas Crill | Guernsey | 2 Oct 2019

Guidance for Guernsey on economic substance and mandatory disclosure

Yesterday, Guernsey's government released two documents related to reporting of corporate information for taxation and international transparency…

Collas Crill | Cayman Islands | 30 Sep 2019

Weavering in the Cayman Islands

The Privy Council's recent judgment in Weavering[1] upheld the decisions of the Cayman Islands Grand Court and Court of Appeal that payments made to…
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