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Noerr stands for excellence and entrepreneurial thinking. With well-versed teams of strong characters, Noerr devises and implements solutions for the…

Noerr LLP | Russia | 23 Dec 2020

Russia: new regulations for registering Certificates of Conformity. Changes for importers starting in 2021

A Certificate of Conformity ( “CoC”) or a Declaration of Conformity (“DoC”) are normally required by Customs to verify the safety of products…

Noerr LLP | Germany | 22 Dec 2020

Appeals court finds clause allowing franchisor to unilaterally increase franchise fee to be invalid

The Jena Higher Regional Court recently held that a clause which allows a franchisor to adjust the franchise fee at the beginning of…
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Noerr LLP | Germany | 12 Dec 2020

Digital Transformation: Germany

"There is no comprehensive regulation on digital matters in Germany. Rather, general principles under existing laws apply, although specific aspects are increasingly subject to legislation.


Noerr LLP | Russia, Ukraine | 4 Dec 2020

Russian countersanctions: Regulation of asset freeze regime

Since 22 October 2018, the assets of several hundred mostly Ukrainian persons which are located in Russia have been frozen based on Presidential…

Noerr LLP | Russia, Ukraine | 4 Dec 2020

Russische Gegensanktionen: Ausgestaltung der Regeln zur Vermögenseinfrierung

Seit dem 22. Oktober 2018 ist das in Russland befindliche Vermögen mehrerer hundert meist ukrainischer Personen eingefroren gemäß Präsidialerlass 592…
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Noerr LLP | Russia | 21 Oct 2020

The Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity Law Review: Russia


Noerr LLP | Germany | 6 Oct 2020

What legal impact has the COVID-19 pandemic had on the franchise sector so far?

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to significantly affect the franchise sector, along with many others. In May and July 2020 the German Franchise…

Noerr LLP | European Union | 29 Sep 2020

Trademarks in European Union


Noerr LLP | Russia | 14 Aug 2020

Russia: сlarifications on intra-group services: key takeaways

On 6 August 2020, the Russian Federal Tax Service published Letter No. SHU-4-13/[email protected] "On certain issues regarding taxation of intra-group services"…
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Noerr LLP | Russia | 10 Aug 2020

Privacy & Cybersecurity: Russia

"Critical information infrastructure remains a hot topic on the Russian cybersecurity agenda..."

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